Playstation Network IDs for Nioh are located on this page. Use this page to register your interest in Nioh and for meeting new friends and objectives with the game. You can mark your entry with a date so people can know the most recent entries, and use this in connection with our chatroom and Nioh Forums to organize co-op and PvP.


Playstation Network IDs


Date PSN ID Timezone Language & Details
DD/MM/YYYY Example PST This is a sample row. Add your entries by adding a row BELOW this one. Always respect the date formatting.
20/01/2017 Fexelea JST English/Japanese. Will help beat bosses and other co-op activities.
21/02/2017  Kiuk77  CET  Italian/English. Jolly cooperation come se piovesse
28/09/17   GimpyGimperson  PST Revenant grinding and Jolly Cooperation! *insert Nioh's equivalent of "Praise the sun!"* 


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    • Anonymous

      If anyone needs a hand in way of the demon or anything else give me a holler. Yes, my PSN is the name of a song I mispelled...
      PSN: Misirlu

      • Anonymous

        If anyone needs (though I doubt anyone will, unless it's ng++) help or tips write to me (at best on discord)
        PSN : R_e_m_a_s8
        Discord : Remas #9669

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