Walkthrough for Nioh are located on this page. This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available.



See the Missions page for individual walkthroughs of each of the game's missions. Only stages labeled as "Main Mission" are necessary to complete the game.

Main Missions

Main Missions in Nioh are the primarly Missions that must be completed in order to complete the game. Many of these missions will, once completed, unlock a Twilight Mission version that is much much harder.



Mission Stage Level Boss Reward Gold Amrita Kodama
The Man with the Guardian Spirit Tower of London 1 Derrick the Executioner        
Isle of Demons Kyushu 7 Onryoki Himorogi Fragment x1, Tanegashima Matchlock, Roaring-Gun Ammunition x3 2800 1200 9
Deep in the Shadows Kyushu 12 Hino-Enma Legendary Strategist's Garb Zukin,
Hand Cannon,
Hand Cannon Ammunition 3x
The Spirit Stone Slumbers Kyushu 19 Nue, Tachibana Muneshige Raikiri (Lightning), Spirit Stone x2, Ochoko x1 5600 2080 8
The Silver Mine Writhes Chugoku 27 Great Centipede Usurper's Kabuto, Daion-jin's Sake x1, Himorogi Branch x1 7200 2864 9
The Ocean Roars Again Chugoku 38 Umi-Bozu Omamori Charm,
Hamaya Arrow 3x,
Sacred Ash 2x,
Horoku-dama 2x
9400 4872 9
Spider Nest Castle Kinki 47 Joro-gumo        
Falling Snow Kinki 55 Yuki-Onna        
The Demon of Mount Hiei Kinki 62 Nue (regular mob), White Tiger        
The Iga Escape Tokai 70 Giant Toad Jonin's Kusarigama, Highest Quality Leather Cord x4 15800 10712   
Memories of Death-Lilies Tokai 78 Ogress Young Samurai's Locks x1, Himorogi Branch x1, Sacred Ash x1 17400 13240   
The Weight of the World Tokai 87 N/A        
The Defiled Castle Tokai 87 Honda Tadakatsu (Boss), Okatsu        
Immortal Flame Sekigahara 96 Saika Magoichi Gesture Roar, Braided Straw Kabuto, Smithing Text: Sacred Brush, Water Amulet x3 31000 28008  
Sekigahara Sekigahara 103 Otani Yoshitsugu, Shima Sakon        
The Source of Evil Sekigahara 111 Gasha-Dokuro        
A Defiled Holy Mountain Omi 120 Ishida Mitsunari        9
The Samurai from Sawayama Omi 127 Obsidian Samurai Large Soulstone x1, Highest Quality Leather Cord x5 27200 49176 9
The Demon King Revealed Omi 135 Onryoki, Hino-Enma, Joro-Gumo, Nue, Oda Nobunaga, Edward Kelley, Yamata-no-Orochi Large Soulstone x2, Moment Talisman x1 28800 58776 7
The Queen's Eyes Tower of London 145 Hundred Eyes Large Soulstone x1 30800 70776 0
Yokai Country Tohoku 148 Date Shigezane Book of Reincarnation, Soulstone x5, Summoner's Candle x1, Red Kappa Shell x1 31800 76776 10
The One-Eyed Dragon's Castle Tohoku 165 Katakura ShigenagaDate Masamune Medium Armor (Divine), Rifle (Divine), Shingiku Medicine x1 34800 94776 6
Spirit Stone Huntress Tohoku  170 Maria Light Armor (Divine), Soulstone x3 35800 100776 0




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      26 Jan 2017 19:48  

      From the alpha the game should start off you getting off of your boat and getting your first weapon if not then well this game is a really something. By that I mean it's interesting.

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