Heart Change B+ Strength Change D+
Skill Change C+ Familiarity -
Break 58 Parry 35

Raikiri is a Weapon available in Nioh.

Raikiri Description

"Famed sword said to have been used by Tachibana 
Dosetsu, father of Tachibana Ginchiyo, to slice a
bolt of lightning in two.

In 1548, as Dosetsu napped beneath a tree in his
home town of Bungo, a sudden storm swept in and
Dosetsu intercepted a lightning bolt with his sword,
Chidori. In reality, of course, even the finest
swordsman couldn't possibly cut a bolt of lightning.
Thus many interpret the legend as Dosetsu facing
off against a Yokai such as a Nue or Raiju.

Whatever the case, Dosetsu renamed his sword "
Raikiri" (lightning slicer) thereafter, and cherished
it as a family treasure. It passed to his daughter
Ginchiyo when he died. It is said that she too told
of slicing lightning to her handmaids, meaning that
she may have faced Yokai as well."

Special Effects

  • ⊗ Change to Attack (Spirit)  +[C-A]
  • ⊗ Lightning +[4-12]
  • See Reforge Table for full Special Effect list


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