Warrior of the West's Honour


2 Pieces

Damage Reduction: +2.0%
Skill Damage (Tiger Sprint): +30%

4 Pieces

Close Combat Damage: +10.2% 
Increase Attack & Defense (Raiken): +10

5 Pieces

Increase Attack & Defence (Enemy Electrified): +27.5%

7 Pieces

Close Combat Damage (No Rear Damage Bonus): +14.1%

Warrior of the Wests's Honour is an Equipment Set in Nioh.

Warrior of the West's Honour Information

Where to Find


  • Despite this Equipment Set Bonus enhancing Lightning, the Sword, Nami-oyogi Kanemitsu has a permanent Water Special Effect. For this reason some Players choose to use Raikiri instead, and forgo the 7 Piece Set Bonus.
  • Because this Equipment Set is the first available and is obtained relatively easily, players will most often see Revenants wearing this equipment; especially before NG+.
  • The final attribute of this set cancels out all increased damage from the rear.

Set Pieces




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