Nioh Incarnate

2 Pieces +21.1% Ki Recovery When Guarding
3 Pieces +50 Life
4 Pieces +10.0% Yokai Damage Reduction
5 Pieces +16.0% Amrita Earned From Yokai


Nioh Incarnate is a Set in Nioh.


Nioh Incarnate Information


Nioh Incarnate locations

  • Can be obtained from Pre-Order, also comes with smithing text.
  • ??



  • Although the set does have weapons they are not apart of the bonus.
  • ??


Set Pieces




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    • Anonymous

      im not the biggest fan of this set, sure if you use this at the start you get some damage reduction which is nice, but there are alot of disadvantages that this set brings which the game doesnt tell you: being a heavy set means you instantly lose some damage dealt and it isnt a small amount, just putting this set on will reduce your damage by about 15%. also since you start the game with 5 stamina that will likely put you into c agility, which in this game is terrible. c agility will increase your ki costs of attacks and actions in addition to lowering your ki recovery as well, it basically makes the game unplayable, you never wanna be at c agility no matter what, which leaves you only the option to only equip like 3 or so parts of the set but in that case why even bother, the 3piece effects are so mediocre that it isnt even worth it losing 15% damage dealt over, your better off clearing the first mission naked than using this.

      • Anonymous

        I didnt preorder but I got this set and smithing text as a boon during the first mission. IDK if thats supposed to happen but worth checking

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