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Tips for Nioh's Trophy List

Complete all missions

You will need to complete all missions, including Main Missions, Sub Missions, Twilight Missions, and Master Missions.

Only 2 Twilight Missions are presented each day, and to start one you must have beaten the normal version of that mission first. Keep an eye out for Twilight Missions that you haven't finished yet, and try to beat them as they are available. It is possible to finish the entire game and still have Twilight Missions that you're waiting to appear. 

If you're planning on 100% Completion, you will also have to complete all missions in New Game Plus modes "Way of the Strong" and "Way of the Demon"

Collect all Kodama and bathe in every Hot Spring.

You will need to collect all Kodama and bathe in every Hot Spring. It's recommended to be extremely thorough in every level to make sure you don't skip any of these. Missions do show Kodama counters, but it's difficult to know where a hot spring was missed.

Save your money

You will need to spend a lot of money at the Blacksmith to unlock "Regular Smith Customer" trophy. It is recommended to sell all equipment drops and save your money for use at the Blacksmith.

Special Note: This trophy can take a very long time, and if you make it through the missions quickly you will have time to work through much of the DLC trophies before you finish it.

Communicate (Use a Gesture) with Nurikabe

You will need to "communicate" with 10 Yokai along the way. To do this you must use the right color gesture in front of a Nurikabe, which will cause it to bow to you.  There are 3 rows of gestures colored red, yellow, and blue. You get 2 chances before the Nurikabe attacks, so you have a 2/3rd chance of succeeding. This is easy to accomplish along the way so long as you remember to try when you get the chance.

Use all weapon types to increase proficiency

You will need to acquire the Mystic Art for each possible type of weapon. Mystic arts require a minimum of 500,000 proficiency before you can access the necessary mission. After completing the Dojo Mission, you must purchase a Mystic Art from the skill tree to unlock the trophy. Proficiency can be farmed fairly easily, but it's recommended to start working on this early on as you're getting used to combat, that way you get a chance to experience all weapon types and find what works best for you.

Fight Revenants

If you're aiming for 100% trophy completion, you will want to start farming Glory early as 70,000 glory is required to purchase a female skin from the Teahouse to complete the "Female Impersonator" trophy. It's recommended to fight Revenants as often as you feel comfortable throughout your play, that way it doesn't become a Glory grind later on.

Trophy List

Nioh (Main Game)




You Are Nioh Obtained all trophies. Platinum
A Long Journey Begins Completed "The Man with the Guardian Spirit". Bronze
They Call Him Anjin Completed "Deep in the Shadows". Bronze
An Agreement Forged Completed "The Ocean Roars Again". Bronze
Wandering Spirit Completed "The Demon of Mount Hiel". Bronze
A Question of Intentions Met with Tokugawa Ieyasu Bronze
Onward to a Decisive Battle Witnessed Tokugawa's forces head toward a decisive battle. Bronze
The Battle Ends Completed "The Source of Evil." Bronze
A True Samurai Completed "The Samurai from Sawayama." Bronze
Freedom Restored Completed "The Demon King Revealed." Silver
Battle's End Completed "The Queen's Eyes." Gold
Making Rounds Made two circuits around Japan. Bronze
Samurai of Legend Completed all Missions. Gold
The Beginning of a Samurai Reached level 10. Bronze
Full-fledged Samurai Reached level 100. Bronze
Ultimate Pro Reached maximum proficiency with your first Weapon. Silver
Sword Master Acquired mystic art for the Sword. Bronze
Dual Sword Master Acquired mystic art for the Dual Swords. Bronze
Spear Master Acquired mystic art for the Spear. Bronze
Axe Master Acquired mystic art for the Axe. Bronze
Kusarigama Master Acquired mystic art for the Kusarigama. Bronze
Ninjutsu Master Acquired mystic art for Ninjutsu. Bronze
Onmyo Magic Master Acquired mystic art for Onmyo Magic. Bronze
Disguiser Used a Disguise. (Equipped a Skin from the Transform section of the Hidden Teahouse) Bronze
Fashionista  Changed your hair style or beard. Bronze
Refashion Changed the appearance of an item via Refashion. Bronze
Latest Masterpiece Forged an item. Bronze
Legendary Swordsmith Found Muramasa and brought him in. Bronze
Regular Smith Customer Made a total of 60 requests at the Blacksmith. Silver
Master of Quality Collected all the best Materials. Silver
Teamwork Completed 10 missions with NPC or in the “Yokai Realm with a companion” with other users. Bronze
Yokai Telepathy Communicated with a yokai 10 times. Bronze
Master of Chaos Confused an Enemy for the first time. Bronze
Twilight Walker Completed your first Twilight mission. Silver
Spa Healer Bathed in first Hot Spring. Bronze
Divine Obtainer Obtained first Divine Item. Silver
Yokai Quelling Master Defeated all types of yokai. Bronze
Spa Lover Bathed in every hot spring. Silver
Gesture Master Acquired 40 Gestures. Silver
Kodama Leader Collected all Kodama. Silver
Friend of Guardian Spirits Collected all Guardian Spirits. Silver
Dungball Roller Became Ryunoshin the dung lover's best friend. 
(Give 20-30 Dung balls to Ryunoshin)
Ugly Fellow Used the mask of an ugly fellow to defeat an enemy. Bronze
Keeper of the Flame Lit all three evil-warding bonfires in Itsukushima. Bronze
Ressurector of the Hiragumo Collected all fragments of the Hiragumo teakettle from Shigisan. Bronze
Nue Slayer Defeated the Nue of Mount Hiei. Bronze
End Times Defeated Derrick the Executioner. Bronze

Dragon of the North (DLC)




A Reunion with Hanzo Completed "Yokai Country." Bronze
Awakened Ambition Completed "The One-Eyed Dragon's Castle." Bronze
The Smoldering Flames of War Completed "Spirit Stone Huntress." Bronze
Oshu Explorer Completed all Tohoku region missions. Bronze
Destroyer of Demons Completed all "Way of the Demon" missions. Bronze
Oshu Guide Collected all Kodama in the Tohoku region. Bronze
Odachi Master Acquired mystic art for the odachi. Bronze
The Chosen One Equipped +15 divine equipment in all slots. (Excludes accessories.) Bronze
Hot Spring Enthusiast Bathed in every hot spring in the Tohoku region Bronze
Female Impersonator Completed any mission while transformed into a woman. Bronze
Eluding the Dragon Completed "Hands of the Dragon." Bronze
Conqueror of Aoba Castle Seized all of Aoba Castle's three-storied keeps in "The One-Eyed Dragon's Castle." Bronze
Good Listener Listened to Katakura Shigenaga's entire introduction in "The One-Eyed Dragon's Castle." Bronze

Defiant Honor (DLC)




Infiltrating Sanada Maru Completed the mission "The Siege of Osaka (Winter)." Bronze
Gesture of Reconciliation Completed "Scion of Virtue." Bronze
Known the Land Over Completed all missions in the "Siege of Osaka (Winter)" chapter. Bronze
Beyond Death's Door Completed all missions in the "Siege of Osaka (Winter)" chapter on Way of the Demon Bronze
Battlefield Guide Collected all Kodama in the "Siege of Osaka (Winter)" chapter. Bronze
Tonfa Master Acquired mystic art for the tonfa. Bronze
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness Bathed in every hot spring in the "Siege of Osaka (Winter)" chapter. Bronze
Tonfa Triumph Defeated Sarutobi Sasuke in the mission "The Siege of Osaka (Winter)" using only tonfa. (Cannot use a Visitor/Companion.) Bronze
Master of the Twin Sticks Defeated Ganryu's Sasaki Kojiro using only Dual Wooden Swords. (Cannot use a Visitor/Companion.) Bronze
British Militarism Used all the culverins in the mission "The Siege of Osaka (Winter)." Bronze
Will of the Sanada Defeated all of Sanada's Ten Braves in "Scion of Virtue." Bronze
From Heaven on High Completed "The Sparrow Flies Again." Bronze
Holy Trinity Equipped the Kusanagi Tsurugi, Yasakani Magatama, and Yata Mirror. Bronze

Bloodshed's End (DLC)




Spirit Stones Run Amok Completed "The Sanada's Resolve." Bronze
To Yodogimi's Side Completed "Resentment Unleashed." Bronze
Turmoil's End Completed "The Last Samurai." Bronze
Bringer of Peace Completed all "Siege of Osaka (Summer)" missions. Bronze
The Final Stand Completed all "Siege of Osaka (Summer)" missions on Way of the Demon Bronze
Wrinkly Soaker Bathed in every hot spring in the "Siege of Osaka (Summer)" chapter. Bronze
The Ultimate Guide Collected all Kodama in the "Siege of Osaka (Summer)" chapter. Bronze
Battle-Hardened Veteran Completed "The Grand Tournament" on Way of the Strong or higher. Bronze
The Master's Master Completed "The Master Ninja" on Way of the Strong or higher Bronze
Journey into The Abyss Completed the 20th plane in The Abyss. Bronze
Cannon Fodder Destroyed all the destructible cannons in "The Sanada's Resolve." Bronze
Ornithicide Defeated the Onmoraki during "Resentment Unleashed." Bronze
The Sinister Arts Destroyed all the Revenant contraptions on "The Last Samurai." Bronze

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      Destroyer of Demons requires you to to complete the whole game again in ng++ (way of the demon).. that includes doing every single mission + DLC missions, doing 1.06 patch missions and doing the dojo missions too (not sure whether twilight ones are also a necessary)

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