Twilight Missions

Twilight Missions are harder variants of certain Main Missions. They have much better rewards and can only be completed after defeating the Boss of the normal mission. Each day the game will rotate 2 new Twilight Missions you can tackle for loot.





Way of the Samurai


Way of the Strong







The Blessed Village Kyushu  15 200 Onryoki

Magatama, Spirit Iron Chunk x3, Spirit Iron Fragment x3

 14400  2640  9
An Ominous Cavern Kyushu 20  200 Hino-enma Hank of Yokai Hair x1,
Bangasa Rib x1,
17400 3240 8
The Squirming Sprite Chugoku 30  200  N/A Highest Quality Tamahagane x5, Highest Quality Wood x5, Highest Quality Leather Kozane x5 23400 4800  4
Foreboding Sea Kinki 49 200  Umi-Bozu Umi Bozu's Eyestone x1, Prayer Beads, Spirit Iron Chunk x4 34800 9096
The Best and the Worst Kinki 75  200 White Tiger White Tiger Fur x1, Medicine Case, Spirit Iron Chunk x6 50400 18348
The Bleeding Spider Lily Tokai 90 240  Ogress Ogress's Claw x1, Highest Quality Wood x7, Spirit Iron Chunk x7 59400 27252 7
Where Dark Forces Gather Sekigahara 100 240  N/A 7x Highest Quality Iron Kozane, 7x Highest Quality Leather Cord, 6x Highest Quality Ingot  65400  35892  N/A
Bearer of Ill Tidings Sekigahara 125 280 Saika Magoichi Prayer Beads, 8x Highest Quality Lacquer, Summoner’s Candle  80400  70164  4
Evil in the Ether Omi 145 310 Ishida Mitsunari Magatama, Shingiku Medicine x1, Spirit Iron Chunk x8, Raven Tengu Feather x1  92400 106164  9
The Murky Demon Realm Tohoku 167 353  Date Shigezane Red Kappa Kabuto, Weapons (Divine), Centipede Carapace x1, Umbracite 316800 437212 N/A
The Crimson Fortress Siege of Osaka (Winter) 195 395 Sarutobi Sasuke Twin Dragon Tonfa (Fire), Ranged Weapon (Divine or below), Melee Weapon (Divine or below); Umbracite 367200 588492 N/A
Unyielding Hellfire Siege of Osaka (Summer) 235 435 Sanada Yukimura w/ Sarutobi Sasuke Cracked Ochoko Cup, Melee Weapon (Divine) Accessory (Divine) Umbracite x1 439200 1294029 N/A


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