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The Ogress
Weak Resistant Immune
Water/Earth Fir/Lit/Pois/Para None

Ogress is a Boss in Nioh.  The Ogress is yokai taking the form of a woman who died filled with grudge and hate. Her ferocious expression and unkempt locks speak to her tormented sadness. If you look closely, you can see that her kinmono is quite high quality, the mark of a noblewoman in life.


The Ogress is a Yokai taking the form of a woman who died filled with grudge and hate. Her ferocious expression and unkempt looks speak to her tormented sadness. If you look closely, you can see that her kimono is of a high quality, the mark of a noblewoman in life.



Possible Drops

  • Brave General (H): Kabuto
  • Soshu-Den Dual Tachi
  • Ogress's Claw x1
  • Shishi-o & Hone-kui
  • Omamori Charm
  • Prayer Beads
  • Ambush Unit Armor (M): Do


Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • Can it be parried? Can it be Stunlocked? Can it be critically hit when out of Ki?
  • Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?



Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee)

She features a similar attack pattern to Onryoki. Low stance and speed is very useful against here. Dodge away from her and dash to the left when she attacks and attack her from the side. Keep staying to left because that is the harder to side to be hit from. If you linger too long she will leap into the air and do a ground slam AoE. To prevent this back off, and land a few quick jabs. After you get her to around half health she will do a frenzy attack that can easily one-shot you. To prevent any frenzy attack hits from landing simply stay as  close as possible to her front side and block. If done correctly all of her hits will go over your head and no damage will be done. When her health gets low, she uses long distance jumps and will track while in the air, so be prepared to be hit even if you are dodging effectively. Preserve your Guardian Spirit for when she hits low on health and finish her off.


Strategy 2 (Magic)

Before entering the boss arena, switch to low stance and buff using an earth talisman. After the boss cutscene is over, quickly cast a sloth talisman and run directly towards the boss and wait for her to do a swipe attack, as soon as she starts to begin the attack, get behind her and attack and wait for the next slash, rinse and repeat. However, watch the sloth timer to see if you need to use a second one and always roll two/three times away from her when she starts a jumping attack.


Ogress Twilight Strategy

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.


Ogress has two attack phases. In the first phase, ??. In the second Phase, ??

First Phase
Claw Attack Swings her large claws at the player.
Jump Slam Jumps high into the air, damaging anything she lands on. Dodge later rather than sooner to avoid this.
Claw Dig Buries her claws in the ground then rips them out, unleashing a small shock wave.
Grab Grabs the player to deal heavy damage. Cued by her hands glowing with defilement fog.
Second Phase
Blooming Death Lillies Spawns red flowers around her that produce yokai realms.
Fire Breath Rears back and spews fire in a wide arc in front of her.
Frenzy Goes berserk, rapidly swinging her claws while charging at the player.


Yokai Lore & History

鬼女: Kijo - A female demon. These Yokai of Japanese Folklore look like human females but are hideous in appearance, with red eyes, claws, long horns and twisted faces. Kijo are women that were transformed into demons through jealousy, terrible crimes, or due to the most intense of grudges held against others. Kijo will often retreat to deep in the mountains and avoid people, focusing on pursuit of magic to continue their bad deeds or fullfill their revenge.

To understand more about the period of history please see our Lore page. This Ogress is born from the grief of Lady Tsukiyama, Tokugawa Ieyasu's Wife.

A devoted and jealous wife, but separated from her husband by circumstance when he moved to Hamamatsu and he began a long affair with a maid who later bore him a son who would become legitimate. Her son Matsudaira Nobuyasu was married to Oda Nobunaga's daughter Tokuhime, but she had bore him no heirs.

It is said Lady Tsukiyama attempted to secure a new concubine for Nobuyasu from a retainer from the opposing Takeda clan, which made jealous Tokuhime tell her father that Lady Tsukiyama and Nobuyasu were conspiring against the Oda. Some theories said the concubine attempt never happened and Tokuhime plotted this to get rid of her mother-in-law.

As a show of loyalty, Tokugawa Ieyasu ordered his wife executed, and his son to commit seppuku. (1579 AD)


Notes & Trivia

  • Voice Actors, if any
  • Similarities to other titles
  • Bugs and glitches associated to this boss




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    • Anonymous

      out of all the bosses in nioh, this is the only one i was able to beat on my first try without any help, but then i got stuck on bosses like joro-gumo and kelley of all things.

      • Anonymous

        Managed to get 90% of her HP down first try without getting hit, thought it was an easy boss, and then I died cause she caught and one shot me. Every next try was dying at the first 10 seconds of battle because she's so damn hard to dodge.

        • Anonymous

          this character is SENA from SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 (SW5)
          if you play SW5 , in one battle it explains why all of this happened , who is in that grave , and why that temple belongs to tokugawa and why that monster is crying there "a woman filled with grudge and hate"

          • Anonymous

            While most of the trick explained about staying close to her are still good, it seems certain of her attacks hit boxes were updated as, at this moment, staying close to her still leaves you vulnerable to 2 or 3 attacks depending on how "centered" you are toward her body.
            • If she jump, it's still dangerous to stay close.
            • If she's flexing her upper body back, quickly evade on either left or right. Her rock-throw attack WILL hit you regardless of your position in front of her and, on the 1st playthrough, will surely kill you in 1 hit.
            • She got a rare 2nd claw strike that will hit you if you're close in the middle or slightly on (your) left side of her body.

            As such, it's advisable, at this moment, to stick close to her while moving to (your) right side when dodging to avoid her rare 2nd claw strike.
            Also, note that ANY attack that raises your body (like high strong attacks with the regular 1h sword) will put you in her claw hitbox range when attacking so it's advisable to stay with low-middle light attacks which you know doesn't raise your body's hitbox nor take time to wind-up as you'll have to dodge some quick one now and then.

            • Anonymous

              Sloth ninjutsu will help even a casual with dilated pupils beat this boss. Like others have said, stay close. Once you slow this boss down all you need to do is run under her jump attacks and you can absolutely destroy her with little issue. What other commenters have failed to mention in this entry is what a game changer the sloth jutsu is. You can use it like frank's hot sauce on anything and make any fight, PVE or PVP, a whole lot easier. When you get into end game and you are facing multiple boss type characters at once, Sloth will level the playing field. Invest in it. Honestly I hope this ability is nerfed to the ground or removed in the upcoming sequel.

              • Anonymous

                She is easy with this tactic: stay as close to her in front of her as possible, literally hug her then spam OP fist attacks or Water Sword. Roll only when she jumps or raises her arms to slam the ground. Her attacks will miss as you will stand too close to her. When she gains distance, close it ASAP. Later during the fight when she begins her fury attack, it's easy to panic and roll away, but DON'T. If you keep doing what you did so far, all of her attacks will miss (tested), you just have to not panic and keep at it while she frenzies. Optional: Sloth for EZ kill (did not test it, but I suppose an even larger attack window can only benefit you). Very cool aesthetic for the arena/fight though. Not the toughest boss, but can and will 2-shot you if you aren't careful.

                • Anonymous

                  Is it just me, or does it seem like many of the boss concepts got lifted from this and put into Sekiro? This boss's frenzy attack looks identical to Giraffe Centipede's frenzy attack.

                  • Anonymous

                    this boss isn't very active, she is an easy target for a guardian spirit spam. basically tag her side. Being at her front is good, she will miss if you are too near her, but she will counter with a slam that will get you, so be careful. You can roll forward, as a response to her jump slam, and she might jump past you and miss. Living weapon should be saved. When her ki runs out ( or it's so near running out), and she staggers, that's when to unleash. I skipped her phase two, just staggered her out, then guardian spirit spam. Once her ki is broken, she will stagger to guardian spirit blows and can be punished severely.

                    • Anonymous

                      If you hold forward while attacking her, the majority of her attacks will miss and she will backstep, attempting to gain her ideal range. Stay close until she jumps in the air and backstep a couple of times to avoid the slam.
                      Dash behind her when she queues up the Flamethrower unless you need to heal, in which you run far away.

                      Her attacks can be interrupted with Living Weapon, although she can deplete your gauge in one hit. Using LW to heal or absorb damage is not recommended as she has a lot of quick follow-up attacks.

                      This is all what I gathered from my first time Soloing her in NG. I don't know much about Phase 2 due to my strategy as follows:

                      Hyper agressive start to deplete Ki bar, Living Weapon interrupt after her Ki recovery to deplete Ki again, wam bam, Thank You, ma'am.

                      • Anonymous

                        Her resistance to elemental status effects is abyssmal, so I'd recommend soaking her up with low attacks, and then perhaps muddle her with earth. Confusion sets in, and it's game over.

                        Her attacks are very easy to dodge, when you're humping her leg. The only one you've gotta watch out for when grinding against her is the ground-stab into pullout, of which you can just move a little to the left or right to avoid.

                        When avoiding the jumping attack, make sure to dodge away from her, rather than under her - safety's more consistent, that way. Overall, the only time you should be running is to heal, to avoid the flamethrower, and to avoid the multi-multi-slash.

                        • Anonymous

                          The Raging Bull set with a Earth spirit (prefereably Fuseushi to use the set bonus) and a big weapon works awesome against this boss.

                          • Anonymous

                            Even easier kill is monotone axe with earth element. Sloth skill on her and then hit with axe until her ki drained and cannot recover because of earth effect. Then you can just hit until dead. A bit of a cheese strategy. I did her in about 45 seconds.

                            • Anonymous

                              Easy kill, use dual katana water sword skill with a water amulet and sloth talisman with sacred brush to restore usage.

                              • Anonymous

                                Water is effective against her. It gives her freezing status, slowing her down.
                                She's strong against poison and fire.
                                I think she's neutral to wind and earth.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I beat her and it sent me to the mark of the conqueror dlc page do I have the headdress? or do I have to do the twilight mission?

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