General Info
HP Amrita Location
?? ?? The Defiled Castle
Drops Ambush Unit Armor (M): Kote
Magaoroku Kanemoto Dual Katana
Yagyu Garb: Hakama
Akaoni-no-Sankaku Spear
Rifle Captain's Armor (L): Suneate
Weak Resistant Immune

Water /???

Lightning/Earth ??

Okatsu is a NPC/Boss in Nioh. This is the 23rd Boss that players will encounter.


Okatsu is a fictional character created by Koei Techmo in their game Kessen. She is named after and based on Tokugawa Ieyasu's noble concubine, Eishoin, and is usually depicted as a female warrior or samurai. In Nioh, Okatsu is Ieyasu's daughter. She rebelled against her father's cold hearted plans, and chose the life of a ninja.


  • Okatsu is found in The Defiled Castle Mission. To access the boss, the player must reach the top of the castle and enter the room at the top.
  • Not optional.
  • Fought once more in the A True Ninja Dojo mission.



  • Amrita: ??
  • Co-Op Amrita: ??
  • Other: Gold, Weapons, etc


Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • Okatsu can be parried.
  • Can be critically hit when out of Ki
  • Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?



Video Strategy

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

Okatsu features quick but weak attacks. Dodge her combos and break her guard with heavy attacks. Keep pressing your attacks and focus your approach on keeping your Ki up. If you have Spearfall you can use it to knock her to the ground. Make sure to attack her when she's glowing yellow, as that is when she is most vulnerable. 

Strategy 2 (Parry)

Okatsu can be beaten entirely with parries. You will need a katana with the Haze II skill unlocked and this can be done with any build. When she is charging her lunging slash, parry it as soon as you hear the sound and then press square again for a thrust that will knock her down. Go up to her and do a final blow. Repeat until dead.

Strategy 3 (Daiba-washi)

No specific build is necessary (an onmyoji build does help here though) as this can be done with moment talismans. It should also be noted that this strategy does not work when you fight her in one of the dojo missions. Use the moment talisman, with  Daiba-washi active, and it'll knock her down. Final blow and repeat until she is dead. If you run out of talismans, use spirit stones to charge your amrita gauge and use your spirit's special attack while in living weapon mode to finish her off. If you have a magic build, guardian spirit talismans work here too.

Strategy 4 (Itokuri)

If you choose the spider guardian spirit and get the guardian talismans, the spider's automatic slow grately reduces the speed of All of her moves, she even somewhat floats in the air. If the slow can be mantained on her, she becomes a gently swaying punching bag. 

Okatsu Twilight Strategy

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.


Okatsu has two attack phases. In the first phase, she charges lunging attacks as well as kick combos. In the second phase (when she has ~80% health left), she receives a buff from her guardian spirit and also does an aerial lunge.

Kunai Throw Okatsu simply throws multiple Kunai at the player, best counter is blocking as it consumes no Ki.
Lunging Slash Okatsu prepares to lunge forward with a slash similar to the Sword Skill Iai. Countering is as simple as dodging left or right; take caution though as she may do a second slash right after, dodging again is the best counter. This attack can be parried with good timing. Blocking this attack consumes a large amount of ki, and is not recommended.
Kick Combo Launches a series of kicks at close range. Can consume a lot of the player's ki.
Leaping Slash Leaps towards the player with a single slash.
Grapple Jumps on the player's shoulders when they are out of ki, then stabs them in the back.
Second Phase
Gyokuto Receives a buff from her guardian spirit that unlocks the rest of her second phase move set. Will reapply this buff after it wears off.
Aerial Lunge Much like her Lunging Slash from the first phase, except executed from mid-air. She can use this immediately after 2 Lunging Slashes to form a 3-step lunging combo. Counter this with the same methods for countering Lunging Slash.
Aerial Kunai Jumps and hovers in the air for a moment to throw a kunai before using Aerial Lunge.


Lore / History

Okatsu is a female ninja or "kunoichi" under Hattori Hanzo. Trained in the same I ga ninjutsu as Hanzo, she accompanies William on his travels. Kunoichi are as skilled as warriors and spies as male ninja, but are also able to masquerade as powerless women to encourage targets to let their guard down, or disguise themselves as maids to gather information. Katsu's mastery of every aspect of the ninja way is said to rival even her teacher Hanzo's and makes her a strongly trusted figure.

Okatsu's father is Tokugawa leyasu. Her elder brother Nobuyasu was killed at an early age, allegedly to ensure the safety of leyasu himself. She has borne a grudge against leyasu ever since, and left his household as soon as she could to study under Hattori Hanzo. She despises not only leyasu but all samurai — and, indeed, the entire bloody, warlike world she is forced to live in.

Okatsu has spent years under Hanzo, gathering rumors about yokai and information about strange phenomena likely to be Amrita—related from around the country. She is highly experienced and a master of disguise, able to infiltrate any location. Okatsu is skilled in the art of the kodachi dagger and the shuriken throwing—blade, but considers these a last resort, as she is reluctant to harm people, even for the sake of the mission. 

Over the course of their battles, Okatsu became interested in, even fond of William's way of thinking and approach to life, so different from the Japanese samurai she knew. However, she never revealed this interest to William, and he left Japan without saying a word to her. For her part, she made no attempt to follow him or persuade him to stay.

Notes & Trivia

  • The Voice Actress is Takei Emi and Okatsu's image was based off of her. 
  • Similarities to other titles
  • Bugs and glitches associated to this boss




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    • Anonymous

      11 Jan 2019 18:59  

      This boss is so badly designed it's not even funny. If you try to fight her "fair", you probably want to uninstall the game. She is impossible to hit because her ki doesn't drain at all. She can dodge literally infinitely, nothing she does drains her ki and she even blocks your heavy attacks when at under 10% ki. Even kicks are useless since she'll run away for half a second and gets full ki. She can do instant 7-8 attack combos while breaking out of your stuns mid animation, retreat to the other side of the arena to recover and instantly dash back with a three dash attack that has the most broken hit box in the history of gaming. You can't even heal because of course she has ranged attacks. On the flip side if you use parries, she's a walk in the park. She can't even damage you. Either rage inducing bs or a complete joke... Yea well designed boss...

      • Anonymous

        08 Oct 2018 09:09  

        You should be the one baiting her, she is good at countering and moving. You will take more damage if you pursue her recklessly. Her guardian spirit buff is a great opening for melee attacks. It's also good to spam some Kunai or shuriken if she is low stamina and out of your melee reach. You can knock her down or tire her. Side dodges are great against her. Just let her do her stuff, come in on openings, then when her stamina is low, be more aggressive and spam throwable if needed to drain her ki.

        • Anonymous

          03 Dec 2017 22:23  

          she was the easiest boss. easier then a normal demon. Just hit her like vs a revenant till she has no KI and then grapple. repeat. she was defeat in like 30sec.

          • Anonymous

            15 May 2017 05:59  

            As a ninja build, I found kunai to be a major weakness of hers. If you've got kunai to burn, don't spam them all at once, or she'll get hit by the first and then dodge the others. Basically, she will dodge right after you hit her with one, so after throwing one, wait until she finishes her dodge, then throw your next kunai. Once you get the rhythm down, rinse and repeat until you're out of kunai or she's defeated. Thanks to having 21 kunai, and a bunch of ninjitsu buffs, I never had to engage her in melee.

            • Anonymous

              28 Feb 2017 20:10  

              Sword users will have an easy time here. The simple trick is to use Haze, the mid-stance parry, and just bait out her attacks. She has little in the way of mix-ups and her main slash attacks have a long start-up with a charge animation, making these easy parries. If you have Haze II, that means you get a free counter into a critical, or grapple if she runs out of stamina in the process. Just block and space yourself accordingly and this'll be an easy fight.

              • Anonymous

                12 Feb 2017 20:27  

                During the boss fight against her, switching weapons and stances is very effective. I found a low-stance Kusarigama to be most effective in her first phase, as it's very fast and good at punishing her moves and stunlocking her. In her second phase, the spear is better because it can be used to inflict more damage when punishing her dive-kicks. It also lowers her Ki very quickly.

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