Edward Kelley

General Info
HP Amrita Location
?? ??

Azuchi Castle

Weak Resistant Immune




Edward Kelley is a Boss in Nioh and the main antagonist of the game.


Edward Kelley is an English alchemist. Having mastered the secret of turning lead into gold, he uses Amrita to turn humans into monsters and reanimate corpses. He has a guardian spirit named Uroboros and is able to disappear, disguise himself as another, and steal other people's guardian spirits to use for his own purposes. On the orders of John Dee, he stole Saoirse-who is able to detect Amrita-from William, and set out for Japan, a land full of high-quality Amrita lying fallow. He is cruel and determined, willing to do anything to achieve his goals. He thrives in the chaos of war, taking sadistic pleasure in human suffering.



Possible Drops

  • Amrita: ??
  • Co-Op Amrita: ?? 

Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • Teleports
  • Has projectile attacks
  • Executes grapples that appear to be a tribute to Bloodborne's Visceral Attacks.



Video Strategy

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Strategy 1

  • He can be staggered, so be aggressive
  • His block is weak, so high break attacks can break his guard and knock him down
  • If he disappears, he will do a very slow grab, dodge to the side and punish
  • His only dangerous attack is a tornado around him, get away from it. Sometimes he uses it after a successful grab attack
  • Spirit guardian talisman is great if your spirit does knockdown. Daiba washi can knock him down, for example


Strategy 2




First Phase
Visceral Attack Tries to stab his arm into your chest (unblockable)
Red Spikes Projectile attack
Homing Uroboros  His Guardian Spirit acts as a seeking missile (blockable)
Teleport Teleports to another part of the arena.
Second Phase
?? ??
?? ??
?? ??
?? ??
?? ??
?? ??
?? ??
?? ??


Edward Kelley Lore


He stole your spirit.


Notes & Trivia

  • Voice Actors, if any
  • Similarities to other titles
  • Bugs and glitches associated to this boss




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    • Anonymous

      I've seen him use some strong fire magic after repeated successful grabs. Maybe he gets buffed if his drains your power successfully, or maybe it's just a normal part of phase 2. But he never used it again when I got used to his grabbing., also, if Kelly teleports for whatever reason, roll away. He is prob going to appear behind you and try a grab.

      • Anonymous

        A lot of kelleys magic is quite slow and leaves him wide open the damage is nothing compared to his melee, bait his spells. If he runs towards you, he intends to grab or hit, that's his most dangerous moves, dodge those. Don't try to get him first and stagger him, he may hyper armor through it and he will heal himself by a lot if his grab is successful. his melee is fatal, the three hit deals over 3000 damage and the stagger is strong , get hit by the first one and it's over. He will be vulnerable to hits after his melee. Throwing some kunai can help break his guard, esp if his stamina is already low. Once he weakens fairly, you can try to finish him with Living weapon spam, best done when his ki is low so he staggers a lot and more or less dies.

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