Date Shigezane

General Info
HP Amrita Location
?? ??

Yokai Country

A Cursed Doppelganger

Weak Resistant Immune
Wind Earth

Date Shigezane is a Boss in Nioh


Date Shigezane was a general in the Date family, and served as the lord of the Watari Castle in Mutsu province (present-day souther Miyazaki prefecture). He was the cousing and longtime friend of Masamune, and the two were said to be as close as brothers. Shigezane eagerly threw himself into even the most difficult battles, earning him the trust of the clan's retainers for his unparalleled bravery


  • Date Shigezane is found in the Yokai Country main mission and A Cursed Doppelganger submission of the Oshu Region. It is only available as part of the DLC: Dragon of the North.. To find the boss, progress to the level going forward and up into the castle, there's a large locked main gate and a set of stairs leading to the boss gate.
  • Date Shigezane is also found in ??
  • Date Shigezane is also found in the Twilight Mission ??
  • Not optional.


Possible Drops


Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • Can be poisoned.
  • Can it be parried? Can it be Stunlocked? Can it be critically hit when out of Ki?
  • Twilight: ??



Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee)

This boss is not as difficult as it may seem, but it is advisable to be at least level 150 when attempting it. The DLC weapon, Odachi, has great range and damage but is somewhat slow to counter the bosse's relentless attack. Dual Swords and Kusarigamas are likely a better option.

Debuff the boss with Onmyo magic when possile, and do not hesistate to use Sloth Talisman if you are struggling. Take some time to learn his attack comboes, focusing on where the large pauses are, and do not be greedy when countering.



Strategy 2 (Magic)

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.

 Strategy 3 (Ninjutsu)

Date Shigezane seems to be easily susceptible to blinding shell. This gives a rather generous opening to punish him using his ranged combos, as these would usually track very effectively and cause an attempt to fail due to mismanaging ki. Using either Tonfa, Kusarigama or duel swords can lead to effective punishment periods followed by strategic retreats. When the blinding shell's effect ends, reapply and continue. Once Date Shigezane is in the broken ki state, activate living weapon to finish off the rest of his health pool.





Date Shigezane Twilight Strategy

[mission name]: The above melee strategy will work fine as his attacks remain mostly the same.


Date Shigezane has two attack phases. In the first phase, ??

First Phase
[Name] Explanation
[Name] Explanation
[Name] Explanation
[Name] Explanation
Second Phase
[Name] Explanation
[Name] Explanation
[Name] Explanation
[Name] Explanation
[Name] Explanation


Yokai Lore

Date Shigezane was a general in the Date family, and served as the lord of the Watari Castle in Mutsu province (present-day souther Miyazaki prefecture). He was the cousin and longtime friend of Masamune, and the two were said to be as close as brothers. Shigezane eagerly threw himself into even the most difficult battles, earning him the trust of the clan's retainers for his unparalleled bravery.

At the battle of Hitotoribashi, he used a spirit stone to boost his strength and take on the enemy in an effort to allow Masamune to escape to safety. After going to serve the Toyotomi, he pretended to flee for a time so he could gather information from around the land. Eventually, he learned the details of the tragedy caused by Amrita at Sekigahara and reported its devastating power to Masamune. He later rejoined the Date, but his previous use of the spirit stone caused him to begin transforming into a Yokai. Eventually, he lost all sense of reason, and withdrew to an isolated location known as Tono (present-day Iwate prefecture) deep within Date territory while leading a special fighting unit known as the Kurohabaki.


Notes & Trivia

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  • Similarities to other titles
  • Bugs and glitches associated to this boss




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    • Anonymous

      Alright, so after practicing a bit this fight can be made really easy if you're patient.

      The first thing you need to realize about this boss is that his most dangerous moves all come from his left, (his sword.) They come out really quick and lead into his most dangerous combo, (the one where he spins.) You don't want to stay close to him for this reason.

      The second thing you need to realize is that the head of his centipede arm is his weak spot. It takes bonus damage. It's also the most overextended part of him at any given time.

      Thirdly, you need to be able to recognize when his combos are about to end.

      With all this information, basically all you need to do is stay just out of his range to bait some favorable combos that leave him open, like his grab, flip, or sword slashes. When he's on the last attack of the chain, position yourself where the head of the centipede will reset to in his idle animation, attack once, and then back up. This does pretty solid damage and is very safe. He shouldn't be able to retaliate quickly because you aren't in position to be hit by his shorter sword arm. The issue with this boss is he's very difficult to i-frame due to the combos and huge hitboxes and you can't really guard either, so you need to rely on spacing to avoid dying. He can't be fought like most other bosses by dodging behind him. It's too risky.

      This fight is entirely about positioning and knowing where you're safe. If you practice this method you can reliably beat him with any weapon. Good luck. :)

      • Anonymous

        Learning this fight can be painful because you'll die almost instantly. Makes it take a while to learn his moveset. He's also got certain moves that come out really quickly and are basically impossible to react to. Don't stay close to this boss.

        I would highly advise against trying to circle around and hit him in the back. Generally I fight bosses that way, but he's got too many moves with huge hitboxes that will one shot you. It's safer to dodge back and move in for a hit. Makes it take a bit longer, but it's much more reliable.

        Basically, the best strategy I found was to bait a combo, back up, and then right when he's going to use the final attack in a chain start charging tiger sprint. When it connects, immediately dodge backwards. His centipede arm seems to take more damage and is usually the most overextended part of him after a combo, so you can safely swipe it for a good amount of damage and then back off. Even with no buffs/debuffs it only took a few minutes using this method. I had the bonus damage on Tiger Sprint from Warrior of the West, but that was it. If you don't use swords, a running attack is fine; it will just take longer.

        • Anonymous

          low stance odachi while evading backwards all the time did the trick for me, in my experience it was better to dodge to the right than to the left, and when he starts slashing over and over in a huge ark the best thing to do is to run to the opposite side, also don't break his stance/ki cause he buffs his weapon and sends centipedes that literally one shot you by way more damage. Good luck

          • Anonymous

            I can kill him at lv 113, right after finish the main game, light armor (agility A) and using katana (melee). He is quick so I guess agility A helps a lot. I can dodge most of his attack (to his left) spam a few quick attacks then use swallow's wing to get out safely. Also people sure love to exaggerate here, my health level is at 23 but I rarely get oneshot, I do get hit for like 90% health bar a lot but thats normal since I use light armor.

            • Anonymous

              Level 151. Health at level 34. And everything he does one shots me. EVERYTHING. Can't block because it depletes all my ki in one hit so his follow up oneshots me. Oh, and I refuse to call that move a grab. It's not a grab. It's a teleport. Namely he beams you into his hand like Scotty then proceeds to kill you.

              Look, his moveset looks predictable enough. But it's kinda hard to learn it if everything he does kills you in one hit. It's not hard. It's cheap. This boss feels like it was made by a troll, not a game designer.

              • Anonymous

                If you want to do him pure melee wait for his pauses after a few attacks
                1. Grab attack: Highly choreographed, just dodge to your right to his side, almost behind him. Hit him until his arm comes back to normal position, aiming for the back, and then prepare to dodge his next hits.
                2. Throw attack: By dodging towards him when he throws his swords you can land a critical hit on his centipede head.
                3. Backhand: Dodge backwards and hit him once or twice.
                4. Double Frontflip: Wait until he lands then aim for the back. Make sure he flips twice.
                5. Front "Punch": When he throws his head/arm forward into the ground, wait a brief moment to see if he follows up. If he doesn't, hit him once or twice, if he does either dodge away or into the spin attack (high risk high reward), DO NOT block this attack as it will most likely stagger you and his follow up will instakill you. He follows this up with a "slam" attack that will most likely instakill you, however it is quite easy to dodge. Punish by hitting his back.
                Most other attacks in this fight can be punished with a hit or two if dodged, however be careful of his longer combo attacks. This boss is fully capable of instakilling underleveled players. I fought him at 112 and it took me a few hours, but learning his moves is extremely rewarding. I find shigezane to be one of the most entertaining bosses in the game, since once you learn his moves you will almost definitely be able to dodge them.

                • Anonymous

                  I found that the best strategy is go buff your weapon with either wind or fire, go low stance, and spam attacks at his back, on the inside of the centipede. It doesn't matter if you have axe or dual swords, any low stance will work as long as your stats are specd for the weapon. When his ki is low, go high stance and break his ki. Once he goes living weapon, repeat the same strat. Reposition when necessary, and use weakness talisman and blinding shells if you can. ALSO: DON'T BE UNDERLEVELED.

                  • Anonymous

                    Best way for me is just dodge forward, so that you end up behind him, then guard just to be sure. The only problem is his raging attack, too little time to act when you know he's about to use it

                    • Anonymous

                      This is very much a cheese or die boss fight as he attacks constantly and is super fast. I suggest you invest points in ninjitsu and throw blinding shells and catrops to buy time to rest and reorganize yourself. Quick scrolls are also your friend cause even while blind he can get lucky and smack you for 90-100% of your health. I beat this at 120 but only because I went in hard with Tengan Kuzaku's living weapon and a combination of blinding shells and extraction talismans

                      • What pauses in his combos? Salt aside Shigezane will happily give the finger to most Onmyo debuffs, a good strat if you insist on using them would be to slap him with a Weakness Talisman and spam ranged Jutsu (i.e. kunai) at him during his wombo combo where he places his sword into his Centipede arm. You can do bonus damage if you nestle yourself between his tail and his sword arm, but don't stick around for more than one or two attacks. Patience is key with Shigezane in both his forms. Oh also, go power level in WoTStr, don't make the mistake I did and attempt him right after the main story, he will mop the floor with you in one or two hits if you're more than a dozen levels below the mission level.

                        • Anonymous

                          "Take some time to learn his attack comboes, focusing on where the large pauses are" What large pauses? He's sped up about 200% for me and NEVER stops attacking. i can be hit 3 times within a 10th of a second and insta dead regardless of what direction i dodge in. The main problem is trying to get your guardian spirit before he annihilates you in 1 swing even in heavy armor. lvl150 my ass, heavy armor is the same as light armor with him. Every video ive seen of this boss, people are taking minor scratches from his attacks and are probably level 400, but i go in and im dead within a second of entering the arena,

                          • Anonymous

                            using blinding shell with him. It's super effective, after that just relax, make a coffee cup and throwing everything and him then

                            • Anonymous

                              So, what's the deal with this *****er and why sloth is literally lasting 5 seconds against him? Also I don't understand why you get this missions lvl 150 when after finishing the game you'll probaby be on 100-115 aka you deal no damage and get oneshotted by anything even with tanky builds. I haven't had a single problem getting through the base game (and started using soth ony at about 3/4 of the journey) now everything seems to be just out of reach, wtf?

                              • Anonymous

                                This guy hits hard, has a long reach and is very intimidating, but his attacks are predictable. More or less like the Ogress

                                • Anonymous

                                  so. turns out that im super fkn underleveled. this says "recommended 150" and im at 111... the boss one shots me no matte what hits me -_- time to go grind for hours i guess...

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