Hundred Eyes

General Info
HP Amrita Location
?? ?? The Queen's Eyes
Drops Doji-kiri Yasutsuna
Touchpaper Musket
Frontline Warrior's Armor (M): Do
Scout Armor (L): Kote
Warrior Armor (H): Suneate
Western Warlord's Armor (M): Do
Weak Resistant Immune
None Confusion

Hundred Eyes is a Boss in Nioh.  Hundred Eyes is the final boss of Nioh's epilogue mission, it controls multiple tentacles and wields an Amrita staff as a weapon.


After absoring a huge amount of Amrita, John Dee transformed into this large yokai. Hundreds of eyes cover its body, even the tentacle-like tips of its hair. It is an embodiment of wicked ambition, utterly devoid of humanity.


  • Hundred Eyes is found in The Queen's Eyes Main Mission which serves as the game's epilogue.
  • Not optional.
  • Fought once more on the Hyakki Yagyo side mission.



Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • Upon running out of Ki, the boss is stunned for a very brief moment but quickly summons a Yokai fog to replenish his Ki.
  • All laser and crystal attacks (including from minions) inflict Confusion.
  • Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?



Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee)

A fire enchanted weapon with magic buffs works excellently against this boss. Also, remember to attack it from its rear when battling this boss. You might want to defeat each of the summoned eyes that deal projectile laser damage, but if you eliminate all but 1, it will be easier to just strike Hundred Eyes himself since he’s vulnerable.

Be careful about its crystal projectiles since they are very powerful. Unleash the Living Weapon when he summons the eye lasers for the second time. Keep hitting his back and he will soon be defeated.

The summoned eyes count towards charging and maintaining Living Weapon, so a single well-timed LW usage can last the whole fight, making this fairly easy.

Strategy 2 (Magic)

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Hundred Eyes Twilight Strategy

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.


Hundred Eyes has two attack phases. Both phases are fairly similar, but the boss is more aggressive in the second and has a couple extra attacks.

First Phase
Cross-Beam Sweeps two horizontal lasers in front which dissipate when they cross. Long reach, but easily avoided by dodging with the right timing.
Crystal Spikes Summons three crystal spikes and throws them at William. May launch them simultaneously or in succession, but either way avoidable by sprinting.
Tentacle Slam Slams his left and right with two large tentacles. Has a clear tell, limited effect area, and leaves the boss vulnerable after using it.
Summon Eyes Sits in place and summons many floating eye minions, each capable of firing red lasers. The boss remains in place until all eyes are destroyed or it loses enough health to trigger the second phase. (If used in Phase 2, the boss doesn't go dormant.)
Second Phase
Crystal Spikes II Identical to the Phase 1 version, but summons five spikes instead.
Jump Slam Quickly lunges at William, simultaneously smashing the ground with his staff and two tentacles.
Backwards Lash Sweeps the ground behind the boss with outer two tentacles, then smashes the ground with the inner two. Only used if William is a distance behind the boss. The first attack has wide range, the second narrow impact but far reach.


Yokai Lore / History

It's appearance might be based on the Hundred-Eyed Demon Lord from the Chinese novel, "Journey to the West"


Notes & Trivia

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  • Similarities to other titles
  • Bugs and glitches associated to this boss




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    • Anonymous

      i died on this boss once, and went here to see strat. then got lazy reading, went on second try, put sloth, weakness and lifesteal. second try, such an easy boss.

      • Anonymous

        I honestly had a harder time killing the 3 Kelley's before this boss. If you're using a katana, I suggest spamming the Night Rain skill on the boss' back. Because it's a multi-hit attack it's also good for activating status ailments like setting him on fire for damage over time. The eyes he summons also charge your Living Weapon really quickly, especially if you have a guardian spirit that has a fast charge rate to begin with, like Itokuri. One group of eyes will charge your LW and you can target the boss' back for high damage. Using sloth talismans also makes the boss much easier, as his back is exposed for far longer.

        • Anonymous

          Getting to hundred eyes is the real challenge. The boss himself is fairly simple. Sprint to dodge homing blows, when you come at him, be at his side, near his back. Shortly after he is vulnerable he will slam with tentacles.but that side, is a blind spot, he will prob respond to it with a side slam. Sideslam covers his side and near his front only. Don't be directly at his back, there is a different move he will use so you will have to back up sooner. After a few rounds of dodge his weird spell( constantly circle him to dodge most of it) he will use a strong heal spell, then many eyes that shoot lasers. Cut down a few of the eyes, then use living weaponto finish him. You will be able to hit him faster the he can heal and smashing those eyes will recover your spirit bar, of course,some care should be taken at first, when he still has a lot of eyes summoned, the combined laser power is fatal. Find a good opening first.

          • Anonymous

            The shadow placeholder you are using ate the Gallery section is a image from a software called RPG Maker VX Ace. It is a edit from Demon.png. Just wan to let you guys know. Don't know if you need a license for that.

            • Anonymous

              Wwaaayyy easier than those damn kelleys. Not said anywhere but when he starts teleporting (2nd summoning of eyes ) for me he jumped back up to about half health from less than 1/4th. Just activate living weapon and dodge his super obvi tentacle slam and you can melt him. Crystal homing bs was the only trouble, even his smough butt slam is telegraphed long enough to dodge last second...

              • Anonymous

                The summoned eyes drop Elixirs with very good frequency; roughly every other eye you kill drops one, with Healer Blessing. They also count towards charging and maintaining Living Weapon, so a single well-timed LW usage can last the whole fight, making this fairly easy.

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