Honda Tadakatsu (Boss)

General Info
HP Amrita Location
?? ?? The Defiled Castle
Drops Warrior of the East: Kote
Brave General (H): Hizayoroi
Weak Resistant Immune
Wind Earth ??

Honda Tadakatsu (Boss) is a Boss in Nioh. This is the first Boss that players will encounter in The Defiled Castle. After facing this Yokai, the player continues through the castle to a final Boss, Okatsu.

Optionally, the player will face Honda Tadakatsu without any Amrita crystals during The Champion Of The East Sub Mission.


Honda Tadakatsu was a famous samurai in japanese history and a boss in Nioh. William will encounter him in Main Mission: The Defiled Castle and Side Mission: The Champion of the East. The primary weapon of Honda Tadakatsu is the Tombo-Kiri spear, so his attacks are quite swift and his movements are agile, despite his bulky appearance.


Honda Tadakatsu (Boss) is found in The Defiled Castle Main Mission within the Tokai Region. To access the boss, the player must reach the halfway point in the mission, a little ways after talking to a dung-loving soldier behind a locked door.
He is also encountered in The Champion of the East Sub Mission.

Amrita: ??
Co-Op Amrita: ??
Other: Gold, Weapons, etc
Warrior of the East smithing text. 

Combat Information
Health: ??
Ki: ??
Can it be parried? Can it be Stunlocked?
Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?
He can be critically hit when out of ki


Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee)

Destroy the 3 purple crystals in the the arena and he will instantly die. You can alternatively defeat him by using your Guardian Spirit in rather quick fashion.

Spearfall (high-stance spear combo) can knock him on the ground for a critical hit. Recover your ki and, before he fully recovers, do the combo again for another critical hit -- rinse and repeat.

When fighting him in the Defiled Castle, it is best to focus on the crystals in the area while dodging his attacks. This can be difficult since the crystals buff his attack power, and he usually opens with one of his extremely fast thrusting attacks - often resulting in a one-shot for inexperienced players. One of the crystals can be destroyed from outside the arena by getting on the scaffolding above the entrance to the boss room, then using a hand cannon or bombs to shoot the crystal through the broken section of the wall.


Strategy 2 (Ninjutsu/Magic)

Tadakatsu is deceptively fast, given how bulky his armor looks and how he casually walks towards you when not attacking. For this reason, it is highly recommended to use the Sloth talisman to bring the speed of his attacks down to a manageable level. He is weak to wind, so Wind Shot talismans can be very effective when fighting him outside of the Defiled Castle mission.


Honda Tadakatsu (Boss) Twilight Strategy

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.


Honda Tadakatsu (Boss) has two attack phases. In the first phase, ??. In the second Phase, ??

First Phase
Supersonic Thrust Flies towards the player at incredible speed. Very hard to avoid. At close range, he will perform this attack with almost no warning. At long range, he will hold his spear up high and charge up the attack. May follow up with a leg sweep.
Boulder Heave Digs the shaft of his spear into the ground, then rips it out, flinging a boulder at the player.
Piercing Rain Aims his spear at the player and unleashes a barrage of quick thrusts. He can't cancel out of the attack, so dodging it provides a good opportunity to damage him.
Windmill Whips his spear around in a wide circle above his head. Keep your distance and wait for the attack to end.
Second Phase
Shin-Roku Summons his Guardian Spirit to buff himself, making him invulnerable to staggering. May use this in his first phase in higher-level missions.
Grapple Hooks the player with the end of his spear, launching them into the air and them impaling them.
Shockwave Slowly lifts his spear before slamming it into the ground, creating a large shockwave.


Yokai Lore / History

In real life, Honda Tadakatsu was one of Tokugawa Ieyasu's Four Heavenly Kings, along with Ii Naomasa, Sakakibara Yasumasa, and Sakai Tadatsugu. After the ending of the Warring States period, he struggled with adjusting to the new era of peace under the Tokugawa government.

As a warrior, he is said to have completed 100 battles without being defeated or receiving any significant wounds, earning him the title of "the warrior who surpassed Death itself". The armor he wears in-game is very similar to his armor in real life, meaning that he always stood out on the battlefield. His spear was named "Tombo-Kiri (dragonfly cutter)", based on a legend that it was so sharp that a dragonfly cut itself in half when it flew into the blade. 


Notes & Trivia

  • Voice Actors, if any
  • In popular media, Tadakatsu's legendary ability to avoid severe wounds is portrayed in opposition to his fellow commander Ii Naomasa, who received many scars in battle from his own ferocious fighting style.
  • Bugs and glitches associated to this boss




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    • Anonymous

      The one main issue I have with him is his charged long range thrusting spear attack that kills you in 1 hit, automatically stun lock you and teleport on your position.

      If he's dealing that attack at the beginning of the match, the ONLY way of surviving it is to cast your living weapon in his mustache, but then if you died in the previous attempt, you're pretty much screwed.

      • Anonymous

        Introducing the 2017 model honda tadakatsu. Aerodynamic design. Decorative Moustache helmet. Runs purely on weird anime crystals. Get yours now at a nearby dealership

        • Anonymous

          When dueling him after the main mission, use fists and Leeching Talisman and Talisman of the Fist. Try to position him on the stairs, and then punch him down. When he falls, and if all of your buffs are still active, do a drop attack on him,. This did around 5000-7000 damage on him, effectively sapping around 50-60% of his health in an instant. It's not so easy to do, but then it almost guarantees an instakill, if you've damaged him before he fell.

          • Anonymous

            Break all crystals to win, no need to take him out. The stones regenerate health quickly over time, spamming moves that cost the least amount of stamina,and yield many hits is ideal.( the stones cannot heal if they are under attack). Just use low stance if you are a sword user, and spam your normal blows, they will break before the combo ends. If he is too near you( able to spear you or get you with rock throw), switch crystal, or just lure him away, the run back. For some reason, the first rock he throws is usually off range and misses. He will walk closer and spam another one to hit you. You maybe able to break the rock already if you waste no time and have enough stamina left.( don't run so much, you need stamina for the rock). You can also stop and just let the stamina heal before hitting the rock. Living weapon will guarantee a rocks destruction. Best to use wind since the rocks are re earth.

            • Anonymous

              you can destroy the stones without ever entering the boss room. he will die as soon as you trigger the fight.

              • Anonymous

                Most powerful warrior in all of Japan. Not only can he heal himself to full, but he has the power to make rocks change direction in mid air.

                • Anonymous

                  I was able to beat him on a duel with kusarigama. You should stay on the lower half of the ladder and he should be beneath you. He will just spam rocks at you whlie you're headshotting him with high stance\heavy attack. He wasn't able to heal and his aoe wasn't reaching me(mostly).

                  • Anonymous

                    This website feels lack luster question marks everywhere no content ...
                    The most help I get is from that one comment sometimes lol
                    Games been out a week at least chop chop

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