New Game Plus information for Nioh covered on this page.


New Game Plus Information

  • When you complete the game, after the credits have rolled, you will return to the general overview screen and you will unlock a new difficulty tier for all of the Missions called Way of the Strong. This new difficulty dramatically increases the challenge of missions but also the rewards.
  •  Unlike other games with New Game Plus, you can freely switch between New Game Plus mode and New Game Mode from the map menu. 
  • You will not lose access to any regions or missions from New Game Mode.
  • Upon defeating the game, you'll also unlock new skins, gear and more items that will help you tackle the new harder difficulty. Divine Items, a new green colored rarity of equipment will begin to drop during this mode.
  • You will now be able to upgrade your Guardian Spirits with Amrita, up to level 30 which nominally increases their Protection and Living Weapon values. You'll also be able to equip a secondary Guardian Spirit, for versatility and a bonus.
  • After Way of the Strong follows Way of the Demon. After which follows Way of The Wise, and after that follows Way of the Nioh.
  • In Way of the Demon you will be able to acquire equipment beyond Lv.150 and level Guardian Spirits to Lvl 40.
  • In Way of The Wise you will be able to acquire Ethereal Equipment, and level Guardian Spirits to Lvl 50.
  • In Way of the Nioh you will be able to raise Stats to Lvl 200, and level Guardian Spirits  to Lvl 60.
  • Way of the Samurai encompasses missions of Lvl 1 up to Lvl 155 (Main Game) and up to Lvl 270 (DLC).
  • Way of the Strong encompasses missions of Lvl 160 up to Lvl 330 (Main Game) and up to Lvl 470 (DLC).
  • Way of the Demon encompasses missions of Lvl 450 up to Lvl 580 (Main Game) and up to Lvl 720 (DLC).
  • Way of the Wise encompasses missions of Lvl 700 up to Lvl 830 (Main Game) and up to Lvl 970 (DLC).
  • Way of the Nioh encompasses missions of Lvl 950 up to Lvl 1080 (Main Game) and up to Lvl 1220 (DLC).


    • Anonymous

      14 Nov 2018 13:52  

      PS4 here - have 100% the base game in way of the strong and that did not unlock more than the intial 3 regions in way of the demon. Have also done most of the DLC. guessing at this point I need to complete main missions in way of the demon to unlock the next regions? was quite annoyed that more didn't unlock after completing it and DLC missions as thats how it unlocked more of way of the strong. That is convenient tho if all you need to progress in each greater NG+ cycle is playing the main missions, as some of the side quests are just super annoying.

      • Anonymous

        21 Jun 2018 20:06  

        You DO NOT need to beat all red missions in order to progress to the next stage, you just need to beat the queen's eyes mission.

        • Anonymous

          08 Aug 2017 23:38  

          can i go back to before i beat the game? its mainly because im getting my ass handed to me in the fishing town but i also had had a few pending missions i wanted to do in past regions and in the dojo.

          • Anonymous

            23 May 2017 13:45  

            im in way of the strong and i started out with three regions so do i have to do all of the main missions up until then to be able to get to omi

            • Anonymous

              22 Feb 2017 23:34  

              Do your blacksmithing upgrades carry over? That's the main thing I'm concerned about before starting the NG+ since I have them maxed on current playthrough =/

              • Anonymous

                14 Feb 2017 19:00  

                Is there a ng+2 ? Finished all quests and bar is full but there is no visible option to change the way :(

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