The Kusarigama has the greatest range among all Nioh weapons, while not lacking anything in terms of damage, yet reckless swinging can leave you wide open.
The Kusarigama offers a good number of buffs which may be triggered manually, while its Skill tree incorporates bonuses to close range damage.

Kusarigama Special Effect ATK Multiplier (Lvl 150) Body Skill Dexterity Break Parry
Wooden KusarigamaWooden Kusarigama ⊗ Proficiency Bonus +[60-80]% 543 D+ C+ B+ 40 28
nioh_kusarigamaNioh's Kusarigama

⊗ Yokai Close Combat Damage +[20-25]%
⊗ Extend Purification Opening

565 D+ C+ B+ 46 31
Spy's Kusarigama - 565 D+ C+ B+ 45 30
Nagi-kusarigama -  567 D+ C+ B+ 43 32
Mikazuki Kusarigama - 578 D+ C+ B+ 44 34
Genin's Kusarigama - 570   D+ C+ B+ 46 31
Hakujin Kusarigama - 572 D+ C+ B+ 44 33
Haguro Kusarigama - 575 D+ C+ B+ 47 31
Custom Kusarigama - 581 D+ C+ B+ 48 32
Hooked Kusarigama - 581 D+ C+ B+ 45 35
Hachiyashu Kusarigama - 587 D+ C+ B+ 48 33
Chunin's Kusarigama - 594 D+ C+ B+ 49 33
Togakushi Kusarigama - 597 D+ C+ B+ 46 37
Swordsman's Kusarigama - 599 D+ C+ B+ 50 34
Fuma Kusarigama - 603 D+ C+ B+ 47 38
Yogarasu Kusarigama - 606 D+ C+ B+ 51 34
Jonin's Kusarigama -  608 D+ C+ B+ 51 35
Nokizaru Kusarigama - 591 D+ C+ B+ 46 36
Onikiba Kusarigama ⊗ Set:  Head of the Iga Ninja 610 D+ C+ B+ 45 30
Rasatsu Kusarigama - 611 D+ C+ B+ 47 39
Yasha's Kusarigama - 614 D+ C+ B+ 52 36
Shishido Kusarigama

⊗ Earth +[4-12]
⊗ Human Close Combat Damage +[15-20]%

 615  D+ C+ B+ 45 30
Sayoarashi ⊗ Wind +[4-12] 617 D+ C+ B+ 53 37
Shiranui ⊗ Fire +[4-12] 620 D+ C+ B+ 48 40
 Narukami ⊗ Lightning +[4-12] 565 D+ C+ B+ 45 30
isurugi Isurugi ⊗ Earth +[4-12] 622 D+ C+ B+ 50 43
yukishiro Yukishiro ⊗ Water +[4-12] 621 D+ C+ B+ 48 45
Hayabusa Style Kusarigama

⊗ Close Combat Damage +[15-20]%
⊗ Set: Dragon Ninja

622  D+ C+ B+ 52 40


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    • Anonymous

      It seems the upper cap for elemental weapon's damage isn't 12. I just found a Yukishiro with 16 innate water effect (0 familiarity). I mean, a lot of things in this wiki need updating anyway, but just thought I'd say this.

      • Anonymous

        Using Low stance with the Itokuri guardian spirit for paralysis is amazing. Basically paralyses revenants in one combo and then hit triangle to grapple.

        • Anonymous

          Does anyone know if the Kusarigama heavy attack is classed as a “throw”? Want to know if it works with “thrown weapon damage X2”

          • Anonymous

            Oddly this weapon seems to work well for any build, it's attacks speed/range just overpowers other weapons.

            • Anonymous

              Using kusarigamas makes Revenant fights laughable. I just block their first attack, which knocks them back long enough for me to start a low-stance combo (stun-locking them for the duration). I just back off for a second to regen Ki, and then repeat. Combine it with poison or fire and they're gone in no time.

              • Anonymous

                Using the kusari gama on bosses is all about what type of enemy it is. Against yokai, the L1+triangle sickle swipe is fantastic as it shreds yokai stamina and can be ended prematurely so you can dodge out. Against humans, dash attacks, proper spacing, and using high stance L1+triangle to swing the weight around is key, breaking guards and dealing good damage. Make use of the grab moves (holding square or triangle, depending on stance) and the high stance heavy at range to punish openings.

                If you are still having difficulty try mixing in some combo finishers, i.e. Lowstance quick dash attack > low stance quick attack > low stance heavy attack ending the combo with a backstep and an attack.

                Hope this helps and good luck with mastering the kusari gama!

                • general question about the Kusarigama vs bosses.
                  I might doing something wrong, but I find it quite difficult to use it against bosses with this weapon type vs allmost any other weapon type.
                  I could not get the first boss down with it, as with katana/Hammer/axt/Spear the boss is not issue at all.

                  Did anyone have similar enxperiences, or is it just me :) For mission runs, its really good.

                  • Anonymous

                    The weapon is most affected by dexterity, then skill, then body, body affecting it the least. As such you'll probably be making use of lots of ninjutsu. Have fun chucking bombs, throwing shuriken, and sneaking up behind oni to jab them in the back and run away only to do it over and over again until you win! Such is the way of the ninja.

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