Hayabusa Style Kusarigama

hayabusa style kusarigama
Attack Varies Attack Multiplier 101
D+ Stamina 
B+ Familiarity ?
Break 52 Parry 40

Hayabusa Style Kusarigama is a Weapon in Nioh.


Hayabusa Style Kusarigama Description

"A special weapon used by the Hayabusa ninja clan. It is believed that ninja favoured kusarigama because the weapons allowed them to avoid suspicion when they disguised themselves as farmers. However, this kusarigama, with its weapon —grade sickle and weighted chain, differs from those used by farmers in that it is specifically designed to inflict maximum damage in battle. It was crafted specifically to cross blades with those not of the human world, and can lend those who wield it great power in a variety of situations."


Possible Status Effects

  • See Reforge Table
  • ⊗ Close Combat Damage +[15-20]%
  • ⊗ Set: Dragon Ninja


Location/Where to Find

  • Common drop from Hayabusa Jin.
  • Drop from Revenants wielding it.
  • Crafted at the forge.
  • Random loot drop and mission reward.


  • Example Note




weapon katana bizen den uchigatana screenshot nioha




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