Character Builds for Nioh are character and equipment recommendations that focus your character on solo and cooperative play against regular AI enemies and yokai. Builds listed in this page are created and categorized by players, therefore you should not assume they are all optimized.

For help on creating your own build, see the character building tutorial page. You will need to have a good understanding of all of the game's Stats and how they are impacted by your Weapons and Armor. Brushing up on your Skills and the Combat Stances you want to focus on are further build considerations.


Please see Nioh 2 Builds here

How to create and add your build

  1. Create a wiki page with your build name and add the info/links. To create a page, click the New Page + link at the bottom of the page and select "Build" template. Alternatively, you can type the name of your build on the URL portion of the page and press enter to be prompted to create it. We recommend using descriptive names such as "Katana Heart Build by XX".
  2. Edit this page by ADDING A ROW to the table below with a link to the page you created and an overview.




Name Creator Weapon Preference/Stance Preference Description
Onmyo Swordsman Fex Swords / Mid Stance / Onmyo Magic

Early Game Spirit and Heart based build for easier early game.

Buffs, Debuffs and Elemental Damage!

Adamantine Axe Anon Axes / Mid Stance An axe focused build that also works in Onmyo Magic and Ninjutsu
Ninja Warrior Anon Kusarigama An all around build that focuses on Ninja type gameplay
Katana Master Anon Swords A basic setup for maximizing the katanas.
Tank Anon Axes / Hand Cannons Power through anything and fire hard.
Axe of the East Anon Axes / Mid Stance A basic setup for maximizing the axe.
Spirit master Anon Katana/ Dual Katana

Griever As the build name says, just Katanas.

A powerfull all inclusive build with focus on Skill and Heart.‚Äč

Onmyo Magic/Melee Hybrid MercwithMouth82 Onmyo Magic/Spear/Axe/Sword

Basic Omnyo Magic/Melee build till you find Omnyo Magic scaling weapons

Powerful Swordsman Anon Swords

Slice your way through most anything on any difficulty like butter.

Sword/Axe Hybrid Demaulicus Sword/Axe/Onmyo Magic Build

Guide to using Sword and Axe in Nioh. Hybrid build that is effective. Onmyo Magic is for Sloth only.

Raging Bull (Pure Tank)

BloodSoul26 Spear / All stances

The ultimate Tank build that can also be completed in the first region of the game.

Twin Star Exorcist (like the anime)

PeterScarlet Dual/Single Swords/ All Stances, Onmyo Magic

Onmyo Mage that destroys everyone with guardian spirit and just having fun. Can be started in First region of the game.

Dexterity Stealth Ninja

Demi  Kusarigama/Bows/Ninjutsu  

Bull of the West

Angaquesse Spear/Sword All stances Versatile early/midgame sword and spear build that combines 4piece bonuses from both Warrior of the West and The Raging Bull sets.


Ravagexe Who needs them? Fisto-Sama is a drunkard from Western lands, who now enjoys punching Japanese ghosts in his free time. Help him wonder around Japan like a clueless idiot, reducing Japan's booze supply, helping ninjas and punching poor British alchemists hard in the face.
 Living Weapon Build 1.0



Magic ninja phoenix

Dfirevan Kusarigama/sword or
what feels best.
A build that deals magic damage and stager enemys way to hard. Not for the weak, as it migh be a hard road to take.
comes in handy when facing bosses that are big.
weakness, small nible creatures...
Ninja of Iga Siegfried Chulainn Oninamida Muramasa A ninja build that utilizes the bonus from the Iga set but allows you to have more freedom with your secondary weapon and do massive damage.
Gogandantess Naewulf High Stance / Ishida Masamune Powerful 2 elements onmyo / confusion / sword build.
 TANK (DLC)  HUEBR  Two hands wepons

Use the Sacred Treasure of the Dragon God set complete and up the energy.

Rakuyo's Sword Build  Rakuyo  Sword Guide Speed oriented sword build, comes with basic tips and equipment advice.
Rakuyo's Dual Swords Build Rakuyo Dual Swords Guide Basic Dual Swords build, comes with basic tips and equipment advice.
Rakuyo's Spear Build Rakuyo Spear Guide Fluidity oriented spear build, comes with basic tips and equipment advice.
Rakuyo's Axe Build  Rakuyo Axe Guide  Powerful axe build, comes with basic tips and equipment advice.
Rakuyo's Kusarigama Build Rakuyo Kusarigama Guide High end kusarigama build, comes with tips and equipment advice.
Rakuyo's Odachi Build Rakuyo Odachi Guide Powerful odachi build, comes with basic tips and equipment advice.
Rakuyo's Tonfa Build Rakuyo Tonfa Guide Powerful Ki dominator Tonfa build, comes with basic tips and equipment advice.
Rakuyo's Ninjutsu Guide Rakuyo Ninjutsu Guide Guide on how to get the best out of the Ninjutsu Skill Tree.
 Onmyo Magic Guide Rakuyo Onmyo Magic Guide Guide on how to get the best out of the Onmyo Magic Skill Tree.

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    • Anonymous

      Seriously this is not dark souls, there is no build to talk about. Even weapon stats in this game is randomly generated in bulk. Wake up! Not every soul-wannabe games are identical to dark souls.

      • So i made a account! I have a few builds im working on that might either help some people or just be fun to use but are their any guidelines? or templates for posting here?

        I finished:
        -my Honda tank skill drain build(as seen below from earlier
        -Im working on a living weapon tank build using the Justice ministry set.
        -I have my Onmyouji Tank build finished with steps for new players since it can be made early in the game.

        I do have pictures of the sets and builds if images or stats need to be updated for the wiki i can help with that. I really wanna get all this done before Toukiden 2 comes out because that will take up a ton of my time.

        If help/info on this would be very appreciated.


        • Anonymous

          I have a build i would like to submit, how do i do it? I was working it for 2 hours.

          • Anonymous

            Aw come on people, we need more builds in here! Please do share them with us!
            Dont let this turn into yet another DS3 fiasco, no one wants to lose time trying to find some build over small scale reddits.

            • Anonymous

              Axe TT

              Grapple: Grapples an enemy who is out of Ki, then follows up with the equipped weapon. Novice 1 Active
              The Adamantine: Only available when the weapon is sheathed. Increases defense power by sacrificing speed. Adept 1 Active Hold R1+O
              Battle Focus: Increases Ki used when dodging in exchange for decreasing Ki used when attacking. Can only used when your sword is sheathed Adept 3 Active Hold R1+Circle
              Fortitude: I Life + 100 Veteran 4 Passive Battle Focus

              Mid Stance: gives best guard

              Ki Pulse: Man Mid stance skill. Activates when you recover full Ki from a Ki Pulse. Raises the damage caused by your next attack. Novice 1 Active
              Roar: Mid stance only. A frontal charge in full guard. Adept 2 Active Hold X while guarding Ki Pulse: Man
              Cornered Boar: I When your health drops to 30% or lower, received damage is reduced by 20% Adept 6 Passive
              Spirit Wind: Mid stance only. Slams the enemy while parrying their attack. Veteran 3 Active Square while Guarding
              Living Water: Man Mid stance only. Enables you to use Ki Pulses even when dodging

              Second Weapon most be long range weapon: Spear or Kusarigama.

              Onmyo Magic TT

              Talisman Kekkai I Lets you ready 2 kekkai talismans. Creates a compact barrier that purges Yokai Realm pollution and enhances Ki recovery speed. 5 Novice 2 Jutsu
              Oasis Talisman: I Allows you to prepare 2 Oasis Talismans. Using them causes allies in range to gradually recover health (life). 6 Adept 3 Jutsu
              Devigorate Talisman: I Allows you to prepare 3 Devigorate Talismans. Using them reduces enemy attack power. 5 Novice 1 Jutsu
              Talisman: Sloth I Lets you ready 2 sloth talismans. Greaty reduces the movement speed of your enemy. 5 Adept 1 Jutsu
              Resistance Talisman: I Allows you to prepare 5 Resistance Talismans. Using them raises your resistance to poison and paralysis. 3 Novice 1 Jutsu
              Steel Talisman: I Allows you to prepare 3 Steel Talismans. Using them raises your defense. 3 Adept 1 Jutsu
              Protection Talisman: I Allows you to prepare 2 Protection Talismans. Using them neutralizes a set amount of received damage. 5 Adept 3 Jutsu
              Rejuvenation Talisman: I Allows you to prepare 2 Rejuvenation Talismans. Using them gradually recovers your health (life). 5 Veteran 3 Jutsu
              Pure Mind: I VS. Yokai Realm +100 Novice 2 Passive
              Evil Ward: I Reduces damage from yokai by 6%. Adept 2 Passive
              Incantation Mastery: I Increases Onmyo magic capacity by 1. Adept 2 Passive

              Amplification: Extends the duration of effects from skills and items. 7 Mystic Art Cleared Mission "???"
              Awakening: Enables you to instantly cast any Onmyo Magic you use on yourself. Also increases the casting speed of Onmyo Magic you use on others. 7 Mystic Art Cleared Mission "???"

              Ninja TT
              Dashing: I Reduces Ki consumed by a dash by 6%. Novice 2 Passive
              Dodging: I Reduces Ki used in an evasive roll by 6%. Adept 2 Passive
              Cloudrunner: I Increases running speed by 5%. Veteran 2 Passive
              Medicine Man: I Increases elixir that can be carried by 1. Adept 2 Passive

              Heavy armour (set will come later)


              Guardian Spirit Protection

              Spirit Protection 30% ? req
              Dash Speed Reduction 30% ? req
              No Guard Break ?? 15 req
              Change to Defense (Magic) B+ 17 req
              Received Elemental Attack Damage 7.5% 20 req
              Onmyo Magic Power +75 22 req
              Living Weapon

              ATK Enhance 5%
              Water 42
              Useable Time 17.6s
              Might 3000
              Action B+
              Recovery B
              Tenacity C-
              Amrita Gauge Rate D-


              Guardian Spirit Protection

              Spirit Protection +20% 0 req
              Life +100 0 req
              Guard Ki Usage -12% ? req
              vs. Poison +20 ? req
              Close Combat Attack (Critical) +15% ? req
              Life Recovery From Amrita Absorption +30 ? req
              Living Weapon

              ATK Enhance 15%
              Earth 30
              Usable Time 20.4s
              Might 1870
              Action B+
              Recovery B
              Tenacity C-
              Amrita Gauge Rate D


              Guardian Spirit Protection

              Spirit Protection +20% N/A
              Sense Enemies on Radar - N/A
              Life +80 6 req
              Close Combat Health Recovery 40 9 req
              Human Close Combat Damage +9% 10 req
              Strong Attack Ki Usage -10% 11 req
              Living Weapon

              ATK Enhance 5%
              Water 30
              Usable Time
              21.6 secs
              Might 1400
              Action A
              Recovery C+
              Tenacity C
              Amrita Gauge Rate D

              • Anonymous

                Based on what I've played maxing the Iai Quickdraw and using low stance immediately after works really well. I keep my weight low and put points into Heart and Magic for elemental damage, using Low stance after Quickdraw causes you to slash through the enemy and then repeatedly stagger from behind.

                • Anonymous

                  From the Alpha, builds will be centered around a weapon type, not a specific weapon or skill. So far, there are no significant damage abilities with Ninjitsu, leaving all character setups to be based on using weapon types well, or using a specific weapon (e.g. Raiken, Evil Crusher). Scaling is represented as much with weapons as with guardians, so perhaps builds should be classified by Guardian Spirit, and Primary weapon.

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