Nioh Build
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
?? 11 6 11 25
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
11 15+ 15+ 15 -

I advise you to level as something else enough to take least Carnage and Fist Talismans because game would be pretty hard to begin with this. However, when you achieve everything half-game, you will be amazed at results. Your fists will be hitting harder than any weapon possible. This build is courtesy of RPG Division from Youtube. It destroys the entire meaning of game and completely removes the fun aspect from Ni-oh and turns you into an inter-galactic clown that can punch planets into dust. I repeat, your only downside will be the boredom. Because you know, not enough kung fu sh**t in game, we have only 3 animations as we punch our way through creation. This is a build for pros and should not be taken immediatly by newcomers, as you will have to learn dodge-mechanics to avoid extreme damage. I just took down Frog-Boss hilariously easy in max 5 hits. What you should avoid is not the Heavy-weight bosses as you will reap the life out of those ass-clowns, but crowds of enemies. They will poke you to death from every direction as you cant punch them fast enough. Blame Ni-oh for not having awesome Spinning Roundhouse Kick.

  • Build Name: Fisto-Sama
  • Build Level: Skill knows no boundaries. Exchange Amrita for more punches when possible.
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stat: Jack Daniels.


Build Equipment

  • Melee Weapon: PUNCH
  • Ranged Weapon: KICK. 
  • Head: Iga Jonin Apparel
  • Chest: Iga Jonin Apparel
  • Hands: Iga Jonin Apparel
  • Legs: Iga Jonin Apparel
  • Accessories: Whatever with High mitigation, Spirit/Magic defense or Omnyo Magic.
  • Items: 6xCarnage, 6xFistFighter, 3xSloth Talismans are more than enough. Sake Bottle of grandpa for dire times.


Build Strategy

Overall Gear : Iga Jonin Apparel can be farmed by killing Hattori Hanzo via Ninjutsu Dojo quest. You will need least 15 Dexterity to enter final stage. 'Till that time, feel free to use any ninja-ish looking light armor. You wont be needing any weapons.

Stat Resets : Change To Defense (Magic/Spirit) helps damage mitigation. Unlimited Omnyo helps you get a free talisman sometimes. Bare-Handed Damage is always nice to have.

Now we will need some perks :

Ninjutsu Perks : Our first priority will be getting Backstab for free kills, Composure to counter defensive kill, 3xHands Of Death to buff our fists even further. Rest, you can take whatever you want like Elixir increase or quivers or shurikens or poisons.

Omnyo Perks : This is the important place. Take 3xCarnage Talisman, 3xTalisman Of Fist after that and finally strap an every EZ-mode kids favourite tool, TEH SLOTH TALISMAN!

Samurai Perks : Those things are useless. However feel free to spam kusigaramamama skills for dire times. Like when encountering those flying elemental bobble head things. They set you on fire and stuff when hit by fists.

Strategy : Git your fists, use a Carnage AND Fistfighter talisman (With enough Unlimited Omnyo stat, you may even have a free talisman without wasting them!) then punch the everliving sh**t out of everyone. Kick when you get bored. Get amazed at results. Devastation. ONE-PUNCH-MAN THAT DAMN BAT-WOMAN IN THE FACE! Not entirely necessary, but Sloth helps you slow things down for a perfect unarmed weapon-counter.

Results : Nobunaga commits seppoku crying in corner, Japan burns to ground in jealousy as shameful samurai becomes wheat farmers. Fisto reknowns around the world as Welsh boxing champion. People cry as SLOTH talisman gets nerfed but we dont care because we only use it to counter human attacks in slow-motion and look badass. Most importantly, DONT STOP PUNCHIN TILL YOU SEE THE CREDITS SCREEN!

EDIT : Aw sh*t I almost forgot about the cute animal guardians. For beginners get the Charmandog from trio, later-game you can swap to Fisto's favourite pal in his adventures, the infamous pot smokin rat because he will give huge Unlimited Omnyo buffs which means more free death punches. It is only common that there is a saying in Kyoto Hamster Petting Den as "Hi-Nezuma is his name, Omnyo is his game". Finally get the Aya-komori for this bat benefits melee ninjas the most, besides its an annoying bat. Suzaku the phoenix is also helpful but comes much more later in game...It is rumored in ancient Japan that there was a moment Fisto punched a man with the benefits of Aya-Komori so hard and bad, but folks prefer not to talk about it. The recently-formed crater where the unlucky pal got punched by Fisto-Sama is known as Tokyo Skytree in modern-Japan for unknown reasons.



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