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Nioh Concepts

Ni-Oh (仁王?, lit. "benevolent king") is an upcoming historical action role-playing game being developed by Team Ninja, to be published by Koei Tecmo exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Blending concepts of Ninja Gaiden with Dark Souls, nioh focuses on fast and precise combat. Ni-Oh is set during the samurai era and developer Team Ninja wants players to feel what it’s like to be a samurai.



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    • 27 Dec 2017 00:46  

      This game is definetely different and not in the least a dark souls clone!
      I would rather compare it to Onimusha 4 (Dawn of Dreams) and Ninja Gaiden.

      Soul players might have issues to adjust to a different fighting system and since rpg elements become more crucial...

      If you like the Samurai-Setting its definetely worth playing =)

      • Anonymous

        25 Dec 2017 22:35  

        best game of 2017 period but where is my f....n dlc....i have complete edition (with 3 dlc)i beat 100 eyes and nothing i checked booms and nothing i need do somethin else

        • Anonymous

          11 May 2017 14:38  

          Just going to break it to you guys - Until someone decides to add actual information, this site isn't worth all that much :/

          • Anonymous

            08 Apr 2017 18:27  

            I have to say this. The bold font that is used needs to be replaced. Seriously. as a designer, it is displeasing to the eyes and makes the wiki look incredibly amateurish. I understand the reasoning with the theme, but it's just a bad font. Stick with something more standard. That kind of font is only meant for some sort of logo, not for an informative format like a wiki.

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