Nioh FAQs


Can you play as other characters?

  • You start playing as William. You can equip Skins of other NPCs which can be unlocked in the game through the transform option in the Hidden Teahouse but there is no character creation.


How do I change the difficulty in Nioh?


What is Amrita and what does it do?

  • In Hindu mythology, Amrita is the food of the gods that bestows immortality upon consumption. In Nioh it is a currency/experience which the player may use to level up and acquire more Stat points, similar to Souls from the Dark Souls series. Please see the Amrita page for more information.


If I use a Shrine to summon back my Guardian Spirit will I lose my Amrita?

  • Yes. When you die you leave your Amrita on the ground where you fell. Your Guardian Spirit will wait and protect it until you return. If, however, you summon your Guardian Spirit back from a Shrine before you return, you will forfeit all Amrita that you may have reclaimed.


How do I Quit a Mission and Return to the Map?

  • You will need to use the Himorogi Fragment in order to quit a mission before it's completion. Note: this will cause you to lose any Amrita you have on you, so it is advised you spend it at a Shrine first or use a Himorogi Branch which allows you to return and keep your Amrita.


How do I summon another player to help me?

  • At any Shrine you can use an Ochoko to summon other players to help. It is only consumed if a player is summoned. You can do this from the very first Shrine in the game. If you have no Ochokos then you will not be able to summon anyone until you acquire one.
  • You can also use the Torii Gate from the general overview screen to select matchmaking parameters for a specific mission. Once a match has been found, the game will launch you and your cooperator into the mission.
  • There is password matchmaking from the options menu that allows you to connect with players using the same password. 


Where do I get More Ochoko?

  • Ochoko can be obtained from defeating Revenants in Missions. They are not a guaranteed drop, so be prepared to kill a few.


How do I get summoned by other players if I want to help them?

  • You need to be on the world map and you need to select the Mission you wish to help with and hit the Matchmaking option. You will not be able to be summoned until you reach the world map. You can also use the Torii Gate to make yourself available to be summoned for any mission.


How do I co op with a friend?

  • On th world map the menu button, go to settings and go to Online Settings and change your Secret Word. Make sure you both use the same word and then either summon them from a Shrine or hit the Matchmaking button on the Mission you wish to help with. You can also use the Torii Gate to setup a Co Op mission with a friend from the world map.


What if I'm already in the middle of a Mission and I don't have a password set? How do I set it?

  • In the full game you can easily open the menu via touchpad and go to settings>Online setting to set the password from there. Then just offer a cup at the shrine and your password-partner should connect instantly.  


How do I Respec my Character?

  • In order to Respec your character you will need to acquire a Book of Reincarnation as a drop or purchase it from the Blacksmith in the world map. The price for the book at the blacksmith goes up with each purchase. 


How do I Upgrade my Weapons and Armor?

  • To upgrade your Weapons and Armor you will visit the Blacksmith from the general overview screen. From the Blacksmith you can perform several different functions. You can Forge new gear, Refashion existing items to make them look like something new, level up gear via Soul Match which is similar to Destiny's Infusion, and Reforge weapons to reroll their passive attributes. You can also buy Items and Disassemble unwanted pieces of equipment to gain Smithing Materials. Also see Divine Items for more explanation on Way of the strong upgrade mechanics.

Do the Exclamation marks ever go away on Way of the strong Region Selection Menu?

  • No.  This is a known Bug.

I have purchased all perks through Tome and Muramasa but I still have perk points can I use them for anything else?

  • No.  The exclamation mark next to Tome and Muramasa will also never go away.


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    • Anonymous

      "I have purchased all perks through Tome and Muramasa but I still have perk points can I use them for anything else?" You can use the patronage points to pay for soul matching instead of using the standard in-game money

      • Anonymous

        I bought the game yesterday physical copy but my question is can i get the crimson master armor or is it only available for online digital copy
        I checked the boons for dlc it said no dlc available???

        • Anonymous

          Some answers for the stuff on the map..
          The 2 house like things near the mission title is to let you know if you can Tori Gate or summon someone from the shrine. I think the green one is the gate and the gold one is the shrine.
          Bottom right icons
          No idea what the box icon is
          Shrine like icon that is Glory - used at the tea house earned from co-op or righting reverent/blood stains
          2 circles are gold coins - used for the black smith
          Flame like icon is Amrita - used for leveling up

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