Disassemble or Deconstructing in Nioh provides the the player with Smithing Materials in exchange for Weapons or Armor. Players will receive the same quality of materials that the item being disassembled is. For example, if you disassemble a Rare Sword, you will get Rare-Grade Tamahagane instead of the base level Tamahagane, if you disassemble an Exotic Bow, you will get Exotic-Grade Wood etc. Divine Weapons will only ever yield Divine Fragments.


Smithing Materials obtained by Disassembling Weapons and Armor

You can receive two different kinds of Smithing Materials by disassembling Weapons and Armor. You are guarenteed to acquire materials used for Forging (Cords, Lacquer, etc.) and by disassembling high grade equipment you may acquire materials used for Reforging, like Spirit Iron Fragments and Spirit Iron Chunks.

When you disassemble a Weapon or Armor, you invariably receive 3 Smithing Materials, the nature of which depends on the type of object you disassembled.




Quality of the Weapon / Armor Smithing Materials
Regular None
Exceptional 1 Spirit Iron Fragment
Rare 1 Spirit Iron Chunk
Exotic 2 Spirit Iron Chunks
Divine 1 Divine Fragment


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