Soul Match Information

Soul Match in Nioh is the process by which players level up existing Weapons and Armor. Soul Match services are provided at the Blacksmith. It works simply enough, you take a low-level weapon or piece or armor, and you match it with a high-level weapon or piece or armor. The high-level object is destroyed, however the low-level object is increased to the level of the destroyed object.

For example, if you took a level 5 sword, and matched it with a level 15 sword, the level 15 sword would be destroyed, however the level 5 sword becomes level 15 in the process. Through this method, players can improve/upgrade gear they are attached to even as they level up and encounter better gear.

The costs of leveling up your gear increases at a near exponential rate the more levels you go (i.e. the greater the level difference the larger the soul match costs) so eventually trying to bring a very low level item far along will be costly. In those instances it may be better to Forge a new piece of equipent. High Familiarity reduces the cost. The higher rarity of the base item, the more expensive it is to Soul Match. The higher rarity of the material item, the less expensive it is to Soul Match with.

You can pass on a bonus from a weapon if all the following conditions are met:

  • The bonus has the Inheritable icon (a rectangle pointing to another rectangle)
  • The weapon with that Special Effect is at maximum Familiarity
  • You use that weapon as the material in Soul Match (it will be consumed)
  • If the base weapon is melee, the material must be too, and likewise for ranged weapons
  • The base weapon doesn't have any "competing" Special Effects (a list of the effects can be found on the Reforge page)
  • If you want to remove a competing Special Effect, you can Reforge to remove the special effect that is competing. Then perform the soul match.

Divine soul matching beyond level 150

Divine weapons and armor can be leveled beyond the normal equipment level cap of 150. These levels will appear as Lv. 150 (+1), Lv. 150 (+2), etc., up to a maximum of Lv. 150 (+10). Each of these levels has a greater effect on equipment effectiveness than normal levels. Also, unlike normal soul matching, these Divine equipment levels can only be gained one at a time. E.g., soul matching a Lv. 150 divine weapon with a Lv. 150 (+2) divine weapon will NOT result in a Lv. 150 (+2) weapon, but only a Lv. 150 (+1) weapon. Note further that two pieces of equipment at the same "+" level can be combined to create one of the next highest level, e.g. 1+1=2, 2+2=3, 3+3=4, etc. "+" equipment will drop naturally up to +6 (+6 drops are extremely rare, but +4 and +5 drops can commonly be had on NG+ missions that are ~lvl 300). After this, you will need to begin matching multiple junk divines together to level higher. E.g., your equipped weapon is already at +7; match two "junk" +6's together to make another +7, then soul match this new +7 with your equipped +7 weapon to raise it to +8.

    • Anonymous

      26 May 2017 03:39  

      For soul matching divine equipment, if you have 2 of the same equipment then the cost will drop. Also the price will increase if the levels of the equipment have a gap(roughly 10 i think). With the DLC there is a new trait that can make soul matching costs be reduced by 50-90%. Costs for soul matching different equipment i.e. a sword and spear will be more expensive, same goes for armor.

      • Anonymous

        15 Feb 2017 06:09  

        It seems that the cost for soul matching increases from the original base level where you forged/found the weapon/armor, rather than current.

        For example, when I took my Ikkoku spear from 15-21, the price was not terrible. But when I got to 25, taking the same spear to 25 cost far more than taking another weapon that was base level 21 to 25. This means that you can't use the same exact weapon throughout the game, as the soul match cost becomes immense.

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