Refashion or Refashioning in Nioh can be done at the Blacksmith who is located on the main world map. Refashioning allows a player to change the visual appearance of a Weapon or Armor to another. You must have acquired the item that you would like to change the appearance of a Weapon or Armor to.



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    • Anonymous

      I can confirm that you do not have to wear or keep any weapons or armor that you can refashion other pieces into, as many of the ones I have available are for things I know that I've sold or broken down while having never equipped nor put them in the storehouse. That said, I have no idea what actually dictates what is and isn't available in the refashion menu, as I've had random pieces of armor that I actually want to refashion things into not appear right away. But also have had some of them just appear when checking later.
      As impractical as it is and as much as I'd really hope isn't the case, some armor refashions might be locked behind progress in the story or your overall level compared to the pieces of armor you get?
      I can only say for certain that, as far as I've seen, armor you've picked up should be available for refashioning at some point, it doesn't need to stay in your inventory while you refashion something into it, and some pieces are weird about when they show up as refashioning options.

      • Anonymous

        Does anyone know why certain gear can't be refashioned into? I've picked up the chest and helmet piece of the Warrior of the West several times but still cannot refashion into it.

        • Anonymous

          Do you have to keep a copy of the item in your inventory/storehouse, or can you sell/dissemble all copies of an item and still use it's appearance later?

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