Build Name
Nioh Build
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
100 25 25 7 25
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
5 5 25 25 -

 This is a player-created Build for Nioh.

  • Build Name: Omny/physical hybrid
  • Build Level: 100
  • Build Focus: PvE 
  • Build Main magic/melee stat (till you find an Omnyo Magic scaling weapon)

Explanation for why it is a magic/melee hybrid:

There is a weapon skill that lets weapons scale from Omnyo Magic. Just like an arcane or elemental blood gem in Bloodborn would remove the physical scaling from a weapon and let it scale purely from the arcane stat.

This skill seems to be incredibly rare though. I am dozens of hours into the game and haven't found a single weapon with this skill. I have seen screenshots though from a person in my list who found it on a sword. 

When you manage to find a weapon with this skill you want to use you can of course adjust the build accordingly. More on that later.

Build Equipment

  • Melee Weapon: spear
  • Ranged Weapon: bow
  • Head: personal preference
  • Chest: try to get unlimited omnyo xx % (goes up to 5 %)
  • Hands: try to get unlimited omnyo xx % (goes up to 5 %)
  • Legs: personal preference
  • Accessories: try to get unlimited omnyo xx % (seems to go up to 4 %, haven't found anything higher)
  • Items:  personal preference
  • guardian spirit: Hi-Nezumi (unlocked through a side mission in the 2nd area) for 15 % unnlimited omnyo chance


25 Body (more HP, spear, bonus to light and medium armor)

25 Heart (more Ki, sword)

7 Stamina (leftover points, more equip load)

25 strength (for axe as backup, also bonus to medium and heavy armor, more equip load)

5 Skill (alternative to 25 Strength)

5 Dexterity (alternative to 25 Strength)

25 Magic (Omnyo hybrid, seems like a pure magic build should go up to 30 or maybe even higher later)

25 Spirit (to be able to use all guardian spirit passive bonuses if you wish and + vs. Yokai Realm)


You can also level Skill or Dexterity to 25 instead of Strength if you prefer using dual swords or kusarigamas instead of axes


Build Strategy


-Use the Oasis and Rejuvination talismans to support yourself and companions.

-Use the guardian spirit summon talisman for some extra damage.

-The elemental damage talismans should be used according to enemies' weaknesses

-Use another talisman and/or a weapon with element to apply discord status to enemies.

-The elemental resistance talismans can help a lot. The water resistance talisman for instance lets  you survive Umi-Bozus beam attack.

-If you want to trivialize bosses and big enemies use the Omnyo Sloth skill. It slows down everything immensely, last really long and has 2 uses (even more if unlimited omnyo skill kicks in). 

-The guardian spirit Hi-Nezumi does not only provide a buff to Omnyo Magic and a chance to unlimited Omnyo Magic use but also has helpful cover-the-battlefield in fire mines skill via guardian spirit summon.


 -I prefer using the spear. It helps that the Body stat also boosts HP and light and medium armor.

-Considering more Ki is always useful it also helps to be able to use the sword effectively.

-Axe is backup to have a heavy hitter. 


Reminder on the hybrid nature of this build

and conclusion for when you find an Omnyo Magic  scaling weapon:

-This build only works as a improvisation till you find a decent weapon that is scaling from Omnyo Magic.

-This make your weapon scale from the Omnyo Magic stat instead of the the weapon stats (Body, Heart, Strength, Skill, Dexterity) themselves.


The build could look as follows then:

25  Body (HP, medium and heavy armor)

25 Heart (Ki)

12 Stamina (leftover points and equip load)

5 Skill

5 Dexterity

40 Magic (main damage stat)

25 Spirit (guardian spirits' passives and + vs. Yokai Realm)


These are of course only suggestions as I haven't found such weapon myself, yet. 

|  Adamantine Axe  | |  Axe of the East  | |  Katana Master  | |  Ninja Warrior  | |  Powerful Swordsman  | |  Tank  |


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    • "Shichisei-ken & Heishishorin-ken" the main special effect for them is: "Onmyo MAGIC DAMAGE BONUS A"
      Goes to A+ with max familiarity
      I up this to +4 and test it: i reach damage cap at magic stat - 23, also i test it with magic 25, 30, 50, 90 and my damage still the same, so why i need magic more than 23 for increase dmg? Did you test damage?

      • I found a pair of dual swords that make this build better! but you'll need more skill They are the "Shichisei-ken & Heishishorin-ken" the main special effect for them is: "Onmyo MAGIC DAMAGE BONUS A" this is at base I assume A+ with max familiarity. I found them in the Sekigahara region

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