Onmyo Swordsman
Nioh Build
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
30 10 20 ?? ??
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
?? ?? 10 15 -

 This is a player-created Build for Nioh.

  • Build Name: Onmyo Swordsman
  • Build Level: ~30. Upgraded version needs different gear.
  • Build Focus: PvE solo & Co-Op
  • Build Main Stat: Heart, Spirit and Magic


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

This is a starter build to make the first few areas easier. The build peaks once you obtain Raikiri at the end of Kyushu, but is viable moving forward. You will start out with the pre-order bonus armor The Red of Devotion set, and find a sword that provides beneficial stats. You can use the Reforge option at the Blacksmith to get the desired traits on your sword. Once you are level 20, Forge yourself a new set of Red of Devotion armor, adding in blue materials to ensure you get extra benefits. Reforge any bad traits.

Traits to aim for: Mid Attack Life Recovery, Close Combat Health Recovery, Attack Effect (Spirit), Enemies Defeated Damage Bonus, Mid Attack Damage, Skill Damage, Yokai Close Combat Damage, Mid Guard Ki Usage, Guard Ki Usage, Mid Attack Break, Mid Attack Ki Usage, Close Combat Attack Ki Usage

Skills: Focus on unlocking Mid Stance and Low Stance skills first, invest on the Swords tree only for now. You also need to go to the Ninjutsu tree and unlock Sneak Attack. Save most of your Onmyo points until you can unlock the Dojo missions for Onmyo magic. Now get: Lifeseal Talisman: I, Weakness Talisman: I, Devigorate Talisman: I. You are doing this because you will later be able to unlock the most powerful magic in the game Talisman: Sloth I. Next up,  Pure Mind: I, Guardian Spirit Talisman: I.

Playstyle: This is a slow-and-steady build. You will die very little, if you are patient with your attacks. I completed all of Kyushu including Twilight missions with 3 deaths, all of them at Nue.

  1. Sneak attack whenever possible
  2. Block, block, DASH! (regenerate Ki Pulses from Dashes)
  3. Counter is more often just 2 hits, then back to block. If you want to go for the full 4 hits, ensure you have a skill for your final blow so you maximize damage
  4. Yokai strategy = use Salt to remove their stamina, then critical hit them. You can also start Yokai fights with an arrow to the head for an easy advantage. Use Ki Pulse as often as you can master to do a Purification.
  5. Heavy enemies = Dodge to the side and wait for the end of a 3-hit combo. This is your window
  6. Bosses = Use your projectiles and your dodge/block at the start. Learn the enemy pattern. Stay close to your enemy when possile, dashing in and out of AOE range but without wasting your Ki. After 50% use a debuff talisman on the boss and use your Guardian Spirit (Triangle and Circle), then use your Guardian Spirit summon (Triangle and Circle again). Slash away at close range for maximum impact.
  7. Muneshige fight = Use the rock to kite, and bring Spirit Talismans. You will use your Isonade to knock Muneshige down, and then get a critical.


|  Adamantine Axe  | |  Axe of the East  | |  Katana Master  | |  Ninja Warrior  | |  Powerful Swordsman  | |  Tank  |


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    • Anonymous

      20 Jan 2019 01:47  

      I'll defend fex's honor here. This is LITERALLY THE INTENDED STARTING BUILD. If you don't have the preorder armor, kill people's shades in the first zone, you can literally farm an entire set of the desired set within a few hours of starting the game...

      • Anonymous

        27 Jul 2017 22:09  

        Not that great of a guide, especially for those who don't have acess to the Pre order bonuses. This has potential but right now lacks any guidence, talk about weapon choices and skills too. I know you have heart (Implying single sword) in there and the melee weapon being "Rikari" which is a single sword. That's great and all but you have to think about players who JUST picked up Nioh and even as souls/bourne fans Nioh plays much differently in terms of builds and weapons. Unlike others where they all have movesets and spcify weapons since a broadsword and a longsword are TOTALLY different move sets Ni-Oh's stance system and loot system make's it it's own game. Plus skills. Again, this needs a lot of work but has wonderful potential.

        • Anonymous

          19 Apr 2017 01:31  

          Hey there, great build. 2 questions 1) what would you recommend as secondary weapon and 2) When can I bring in elemental talismans? Because they are what I'm most interested in.

          • Anonymous

            12 Feb 2017 18:18  

            What kind of armor should you use if you don't have access to pre-order items? Just use anything that's available?

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