Magic ninja phoenix
Nioh Build
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
116 12 5 5 6
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
13 25 25 25 -

 This is a player-created Build for Nioh.

  • Build Name: Magic ninja phoenix
  • Build Level: 116... ish
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stat: Magic and dex


Build Equipment

  • Guardian Spirit: Suzaku
  • Melee Weapon: Onikiba Kusarigama
  • Ranged Weapon: Oninamida Muramasa or any dual swords
  • Head: Ogress Mask or Hachigane
  • Chest:  Iga Jonin Apparel: Do
  • Hands: Iga Jonin Apparel: Kote
  • Legs: Iga Jonin Apparel: Hizayoroi
  • boots: Iga Jonin Apparel: Suneate
  • Accessories: Kagutsuchi's Magatama or any fire dmg boost
  • Accessories: Kagutsuchi's Magatama or any fire dmg boost
  • Items:
    Shuriken * 21
    kunai * 21
    Fire shuriken * 9

    Guardien spirit 9
    rejuvenation talisman * 9
    Power pill * 6
    Sloth * 6

    try to always have one of the 5 elementals on your weapon. (Rekomended are: Lighting, fire, wind, water, earth)


Build Strategy

Now! I will say this from the bat, its not the best build (not by far) And your greates fear is enemys without weakpoints. SO! What is this build good for? Well my reader, i will hopfuly tell you.

What makes this build work is the fackt that you will be spaming items (Shurikens and kunais) when theres an enemy you dont like. 
If theres any big enemy or tricky enemy before you. Go for Guardien spirit. this will stager the nioh out of them!

You will in fackt only use meele weapons on enemys you have confident on taking on. If any things seems not in your favor. Back upp and throw shurikens and kunais. Range is your best friend. But when you need to go into close combat. Quick attacks are the way to go. high stans if you can take out the enemy in one combo (or you feel that its a better stans)

Now, one thing that also comes with the build. Is a "life support". 
Say that you are fighting a boss and he/she/it does an attack that supprise you. This might in some cases resulting in a quick way to the after life. But not if you have Suzaku! 
This bird (when charge) will save you form cheap attacks or not so easy to read attacks... Or traps for that mater. 
Now remember that you will never touch that living weapon. Its your secend life. 

so... whats more. RIGHT! 

You aint a power house, so take it easy when fighting mobs, and you do best to engage single target enemys. When forced to fight more then 2. try to stager both enemys with your guardien spirit.

And if you play smart, this build is the bosses worst nightmare. There is of course bosses i had problem with. and those are the small and nimble ones. But the bigger they are, the easyer they get. And tengus will be a walk in a park... For the most part!

So! my wisdom and stuff have now been passed on to you. I have high hops for you who dare to try this build. Might the road to victory be as bleesd as mine.
Ninja phoenix out! 




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