Living Weapon in Nioh is a power up attack or series of power up attacks you can use that is based upon which Guardian Spirit you have. You can use Living Weapon when your meter on the upper left-hand side of the screen is slowly flashing by pressing + O at the same time. Your living weapon meter will fill when you get amrita for killing or staggering enemies. Note that using Soul Gems will also fill the Amrita Gauge, as well as replenish the meter while Living Weapon is in use.

The rate at which the Amrita Gauge fills is determined by a Guardian Spirit's Amrita Gauge Rate.

Living Weapon Information

When using a Living Weapon, it is important to note that you'll be locked in a special version of Mid-Stance, which cannot be changed until the Living Weapon fades.
The Health and Ki Gauges are replaced with the Living Weapon Gauge, which decreases as a consequence of:
+Time (determined by Usable Time)
+Taking Damage (determined by Might)
+Performing Actions (determined by Action)

You can refill the Living Weapon Gauge by absorbing Amrita (i.o.w: killing enemies, using Spirit stones or collecting items). The effectiveness of the refilling is determined by Recovery.

Depending on the element of your Guardian Spirit, your attacks will become charged with an element, as well as deal increased base damage.

While a Living Weapon is active, pressing  + O will perform your Guardian Spirit's unique skill.

Any combos or skills you know for your equipped weapon cannot be used in Living Weapon mode, but boosts on your equipped armor and weapons will also affect your Living Weapon damage, making it a potent method of dealing burst damage to tough enemies, especially if you stack Elemental Damage buffs. Any Onmyo Magic or Ninjutsu also affects Living Weapon.

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    • Anonymous

      I haven't bothered to experiment with any others but the kusarigama skill reaper can be used in living weapon mode and can be obnoxiously overpowered if you've got an enemy cornered against a wall.

      • So, unlike what you might think - you can actually Ki-pulse during this mode.
        It doesn't help much, exactly, and I would advise to just go ham instead.. but it's possible :P

        • Anonymous

          Honestly, as a souls player, I love the lack of dodging I-frames and focus on smart blocking/placement in nioh, but I'm certain that if I remembered to use living weapon on every boss (too busy dodging and running like a fool) they'd be done in seconds. This buff is so, so OP for the time is lasts, and now that I'm playing with a nioh mindset, the game gets a lot more bearable but a lot less tense with LW being so easy to build up. Not sure what my point is, but this is super strong and is essentially a temporary cheese. If anyone else got this game free this month, try not to forget about letting your anime spirit animal apply a nuke to the end of your weapon

          • Anonymous

            How to deactivate living weapon I use to able to do so in the middle but now seems to can’t do it anymore

            • Just want to throw this out there but pressing circle+triangle while Living Weapon is active will make your guardian spirit to attack, which is different for every one of them. You can also make them attack with the Guardian Spirit Talsiman (magic jutsu) or the Moment Talisman (consumable item).

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