Ishida Mitsunari (Boss)

General Info
HP Amrita Location
?? ?? ??
Drops ??
Weak Resistant Immune
Lightning, earth ?? ??

Ishida Mitsunari (Boss) is a Boss in Nioh.


"I have swallowed my shame to flee this far, I cannot die here."


  • A Defiled Holy Mountain, Omi Region
  • Ishida Mitsunari is encountered at the very end of the level, in a shrine above and behind a camp of rogues, outlaws, and ninja.  The door to his boss room is guarded by a single swordsman.



  • Amrita: ??
  • Co-Op Amrita: ??
  • Other: Gold, Weapons, etc


Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • Can it be parried? Can it be Stunlocked? Can it be critically hit when out of Ki? - He tends to spend his KI quite fast and then can either fall and be dealt a critical hit or just become more vulnerable for a short time.
  • Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?



Video Strategy


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Ishida Mitsunari (Boss) Twilight Strategy

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Ishida Mitsunari (Boss) has two attack phases. In the first phase, his basic combos are slow and easy to adapt to. In the second Phase, ??

First Phase
Izuna Fury Summons his guardian spirit, then slashes in several directions while releasing wind waves with each swing. Almost always uses this at the start of the fight.
Sword Combo Performs basic attack combos that include thrusts and jumping slashes. These attacks have a deceptively long range but poor tracking, so constantly strafing to either side is recommended.
Sword Plunge Stabs his sword into the ground, creating a yokai realm and recovering his ki. Only uses this when he is completely out of ki.
Second Phase
Izuna Barrage Summons his guardian spirit, then performs Night Rain while sending out waves of wind energy. This move marks the start of the 2nd phase.
Night Rain Much like the sword skill, Mitsunari does a spinning hop forwards. When he lands, he quickly slashes 4 times.
Standing Quadrisect Sheathes his sword, then quickly slashes 4 times while spinning and sending out wind waves. Similar to his opening move, but much faster.
Pounce Jumps and hovers in the air for a split second, then flies towards the player. If this attack hits, Mitsunari will pin the player to the ground and cut them twice for heavy damage.
Spirit Slash Performs a heavy vertical slash while sending out his guardian spirit to attack the player. Will sometimes use this attack at the end of a combo.
Spirit Grab Extends his arm while summoning his guardian spirit to seize the player and slam them into the ground.


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    • Anonymous

      If you know how to do up close combat and dodge your good. The only thing is before you enter activate you lightning talisman and when you walk in at the very very start of the fight use the Defense break talisman and the Sloth Talisman and unleash hell just spam that square button. Once everything runs out get back to a safe distance and do the same thing Defense break Sloth Talisman lightning talisman and at the very end activate that living weapon and boom you good.

      • Anonymous

        This boss is actually one of the easyest i fought so far all you need to do is get water element on your weapon before entering the chamber then while he is doing the enter move just stack water effect and let him fall then use 4 fire shurikens and bam,he cant do***** and you just kill him

        • Anonymous

          I was using suzaku and when he one shot me, living weapon turned on and because he just *****ing SPEWS amrita when you hit him, I was able to kill him staying in living weapon form the entire fight. Just stick to him like glue when you activate living weapon and *****ing crush your square button. Maybe it was luck, maybe it was not...y'know never know.

          • Anonymous

            as a side note his dash grab attack just stand under him and keep swing he'll be knock out of the air and left open to a death blow

            • Anonymous

              This boss legit kicked my ass so hard, even with Sloth talismans, it's a race against time more than any other because of his fast movements. He has some issues - the lunge grab (which is usually an instakill) has practically no wind-up, nor is it telegraphed properly, and he seems to randomly employ it, whenever he likes it (proximity does not matter as long as you're within grab reach). He sometimes uses this ability the moment you get into melee range and begin hitting him, resulting in your death - his ranged wind projectile flurry (when he is >50% HP) has no wind-up either, nor is it telegraphed, it can get you killed pretty fast - dodging sideways is tricky when he is in living weapon mode, his swings as well as stabs have superior range even to a spear, I found that dodging backwards and praying works the best, getting 1 (ONE) hit in when he ends his combo That said, there is a method to kill him somewhat easily: Use a katana (regular sword), use Power Pills and Water Talisman before you enter and use Sloth immediately when you are in the arena. Then dodge as fast as possible TOWARDS him, use Flowing Shadow once (by this time, he will begin the wave attacks, but because of FS' movement, you should dodge all projectiles. Then Ki pulse, and FS again immediately. By this time, he should be finished with the flurry. Sometimes you can even get a third one in (no guarantees that it is safe though, he might grab and kill you on the third one). When he falls and you're close to him, do a stab on him, then repeat. When Sloth runs out, use another and repeat. Note that the first steps with Flowing Shadow can also be done without Sloth (you should be able to get at least 2 full hits in with FS even w/o Sloth). Water Talisman helps by lowering his defenses, and FS nearly guarantees that you will proc this effect.

              • Anonymous

                This boss always starts the fight swinging wildly and missing you for a few seconds, going berserk on that Amrita power. This will let you use items to bring the start to your favor. The weakness talisman is a good opening, your first few blows can almost reach 700 w a sword. You have enough time to buff yourself then weakness talisman him since his wild start is quite long. when you fight him, you let him do his stuff and hit him. If he gets you, don't hit back, the stagger will cause too much time, back up and try again. Moving sideways is ideal here, since he has a long reach grab As well as energy slashes.dont bother with a final blow. It's harder to hit him with that because he gets up fast, though it's doable if you are near when his ki is out and he falls. A better alternative is to living weapon once he is nearly run out of ki, then use it to empty him and stagger him to death. You may kill him if you get him with a weakness talisman first, then living weapon to suck up his almost gone ki and get him to stagger. Do not living weapon after you drain his ki. Your living weapon animation is more than enough time for him, to stand up and recover his ki. It will be wasted.

                • Anonymous

                  His initial wind spread atacks missed me by a lot because he starts at some little highground so they all went above my head...made no sense to me.

                  sloth talisman -> ez fight
                  seems also to be weak to fire, or i was overleveled cause i used my living weapon at like 50% (like usual) and he died so fast that it felt like i could have used it at 80% or more and he would still be dead....

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