Derrick the Executioner

General Info
HP Amrita Location

1,400 (1st phase)

7,000 (2nd phase)

24,000 (epilogue)

N/A(in Wots) London Tower
Drops N/A
Weak Resistant Immune



Confusion None, susceptible to all forms of damage 

Derrick the Executioner is the first Boss in Nioh


Derrick is the Tower of London's executioner. He himself had committed a crime deserving the death penalty, but was pardoned on the condition that he take on his current position. He has ended the lives of over 3000 people in the years since then, including political prisoners and dissidents, in grisly public spectacles that often featured his gigantic axe.


  • Derrick the Executioner is found in the Prologue Mission "The Man with the Guardian Spirit" within the London Tower. To access this boss, the player must reach the top of the London Tower.
    • After progressing through and outdoors area in rainy weather, players will find a shrine in a tower. To the right of the shrine is a rectangular staircase that goes up and down. Going up the stairs will lead to a study room with  two long tables being guarded by an Armored Soldier. Go to the right, or go up another floor then drop down, to reach Derrick's tower.
  • He can also be found as an optional mini-boss in the final bonus mission The Queen's Eyes (Omi Region). Instead of going up the stairs at the previously mentioned shrine, go down the stairs into the torture chamber. The fight with Derrick will be much harder here, since using Living Weapon will not trigger an instant-win cut scene.



  • Amrita: N/A(in Wots)
  • Co-Op Amrita: ??
  • Other: Gold, Weapons, etc


Combat Information

  • Health: 1,400 (1st phase); 7,000 (2nd phase); 24,000 (epilogue)
    • In the tutorial mission, The player only has to drain Derrick's ki before being prompted to use Living Weapon, which triggers a cut scene that ends the fight.
  • Ki: ??
  • Can be guard broken, then knocked down with another attack (1st phase only). Can be hit with a final blow when knocked down.
  • ‘The man with the guardian spirit’ main mission, is never featured as a twilight mission.Due to this, you can never fight this, enemy/boss, in a twilight mission.



Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee)

You can handle this first boss by dodging his attacks to the side and then getting a few hits in when he whiffs. The axe is effective here early on because it is a high damage dealer and can easily break his guard, leaving him wide open.

In his second phase, wait for him to run towards you and then dodge to the side, get a few attacks in and then move back. Keep repeating this formula until he is down.

Strategy 2 (Magic)

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Derrick the Executioner Twilight Strategy

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.


Derrick the Executioner has two attack phases. In the first phase, he fights as a human, with slow swings and wide openings. In the second phase, he transforms into a demon, becoming more aggressive and dealing more damage. Be careful not to get hit by his slam attack when he first enters the arena.

First Phase
Drop Attack Enters the arena by jumping off the tower and slamming his axe into the ground. Only used at the very beginning of the fight.
Roar Charges forward with his guard up, then finished with a swing of his axe. This move can easily be side-stepped and punished.
Stone Mallet Similar to Roar, but instead Derrick charges with his axe held low.
Axe Swipe Swings his axe once. Easy to react to and evade. Blocking the attack may drain you of your ki.
Tri-Spark Quickly swings his axe three times in a row with one hand, ending with a slam attack. Can easily drain your ki if you block it. Occasionally follows this attack up with Stone Mallet.
Second Phase
Vertical Chop Combo Twirls around while swinging his axe vertically 3 times. Counter by dodging. This attack has good tracking, so be prepared to dodge again after avoiding the 1st swing.
Back Swing Swings his axe behind him. Uses this to punish players who stay behind him for too long.
Rumbling Earth Raises his axe, then slams it into the ground. Has a long wind-up, so dodging is recommended.
Grab Swipes at the player's head with a glowing red hand, then slams their face into the ground. If the grab connects, can deal massive damage. Very short range, so keep a little distance from him when he's not recovering from an attack.


Yokai Lore / History

Thomas Derrick was an English executioner from the Elizabethan era. In English history, executioner was not a commonly chosen career path because of the risk of friends and families of the deceased knowing who the executioner was and where to find him. Executioners were sometimes coerced into the role. Derrick in particular had been convicted of rape but was pardoned by the Earl of Essex (clearing him of the death penalty) on the condition that he became an executioner at Tyburn. 
Derrick executed more than 3,000 people in his career, including his pardoner, the Earl of Essex, in 1601. Derrick devised a beam with a topping lift and pulleys for his hangings, instead of the old-fashioned rope over the beam method. Duly, the word derrick became an eponym for the frame from which the hangman's noose was supported and through that usage (by analogy) to modern day cranes.


Notes & Trivia

  • Voiced by: James Clyde
  • Derrick the Executioner seems to be inspired by the real world ‘Thomas Derrick’.
  • No known Bugs or glitches associated to this boss.



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