Tachibana Muneshige

tachibana muneshige
General Info
HP Amrita Location
?? ??

The Spirit Stone Slumbers

An Invitation from the Warrior of the West

The Two Kings: Nioh

Weak Resistant Immune
Water Lightning ??

Tachibana Muneshige is a Boss in Nioh


Tachibana Muneshige was considered the greatest samurai of western Japan by many during his lifetime, only matched by Honda Tadakatsu in the East.



Possible Drops

  • Amrita: ??
  • Co-Op Amrita: ??
  • Vassal's Armor (M): Kabuto
  • Warrior of the West Bow
  • Nami-oyogi Kanemitsu
  • Warrior of the West: Kote
  • Senjuin Uchigatana
  • Warrior of the West: Do


Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • Can be parried.  Can it be Stunlocked. Can be critically hit when out of Ki.
  • Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?



Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee)


Shoot the honourable guy with a bullet to the head at start, when he felt down, quickly run to his back and stab him and land a couple of hits when he's standing up (or throw at him a bunch of debuffs). Free 3000+ damage, save you ten hits every fight against him and work against every 1 vs 1 boss like him.

Main Mission: Dodge away from him when he attacks you, causing him to miss, then counter his attack with mid and high stance attacks. When he is out of ki, you can knock him out and press Triangle to attack him while down. Continue this process of evade, attack, knock down until he is defeated, and try to avoid allowing him to go on the offensive while you block. Spears and swords are useful weapons in this instance. 

Sub Mission: Dodge him constantly until his ki is low and when it reaches below 30% use heavy attacks from mid stance. Keep doing this until he is brought down. The key to this fight is getting him to deplete his ki, as that is the best chance to do a lot of damage. A spear is a good consideration here because of its increased range.

If you want to speed this rather long fight up, you can use Yokai water pots to nearly complete deplete his ki in less than 3 seconds.


Strategy 2 (Magic)

Dodge his attacks and get behind then using omno magic talismans summon your guardian spirit to attack or find moment talismans, using either of these will summon your guardian to attack. Recommended guardian is the dragon and a spirit level of 13.

Once your guardian attacks, he will get knocked to the ground, then you can run over once the target reticle lights up red you can hit him for a critical. Three to five of these should be all you need if you use Raikirri blade.


Tachibana Muneshige has three attack phases, each with distinct cues.

In the first phase, Muneshige Tachibana will attempt to remain close, hitting hard and fast with the intent to stagger into a lethal combo. The key to this fight in any of the three phases is to remain just out of reach while being close enough to punish him for missing, mainly by keeping his Ki from recharging. At any point in the fight he may activate his special blade ability, which is cued by him crowing about beholding the power of lightning. This is basically him using a lightning talisman on his sword, but be careful as this does give him extra oomph to his already hard-hitting attacks.

The second phase is cued around half health by Tachibana Muneshige claiming that he's not done yet.  Muneshige's attack pattern, on top of the first moveset, begins to include more jumping attacks that are also charged with lightning, whether or not he's activated his special lightning ability. 

The third phase comes when he's at about a quarter of his health, when he exclaims while out of breath that he didn't expect you to fight this hard. A few important changes occur when the third phase comes into effect, such as the Spirit he summons attacking twice before disappearing, rather than once. He also begins to use his arrow attack more--typically this last phase begins with him using the arrow burst twice in a row. 

First Phase
Charge Slash Muneshige holsters his sword with a flourish while the blade flashes. He then charges you and slashes with an attack. This animation, like many of Muneshige's attacks, cannot be interrupted once it's begun, and it tracks your movement so rolling backwards or to the side will not work. The best counter to this attack is to stay just outside of his strike range before hitting him with a few attacks in order to whittle down his Ki.
Dash Slash Muneshige crouches and then slashes forward abruptly. The best way to avoid being hit by this attack is to watch him carefully and then dodge to the side or backwards (or a combination of both), as it can come and go pretty quickly. This attack cannot be interrupted.
Invocation Tachibana Muneshige will draw a circle with his sword in the air that causes his sword to glow, which gives him a significant attack buff to his next attack only. He will typically pair this with either the Charge Slash, the Blade Dance, or just a regular sword slash. This ability is interruptable, but there's a short window to do so, as he typically will follow this up with another attack that is not interruptable.
Blade Dance Muneshige will bounce back, then crouch, leaving a slight afterimage. Then he will embark on a slash-dance not dissimilar to one of the katana abilities which will trap you in its full duration if it hits you with its first attack. However, much like his Charge Slash, if you can stay just outside of his attack range, even if it is by several well-timed backsteps, then it leaves him open for a moment to counterattack and keep him from building momentum. This attack can't be interrupted even during the charge-up period.
Spirit Summon Tachibana Muneshige will call in his Raiken spirit by raising his sword into the air. The spirit holds in place for a few seconds before charging straight at you with great speed. It can repeat this attack once more before disappearing. If hit by this attack you stagger, as well as gain a full lightning status effect. This is normally followed up by a Charge Slash, so try to avoid being hit by this attack. The best way to avoid being hit is to time your dodge carefully for when the dog is already in motion, or to stay out of range entirely.
Arrow Burst Muneshige dodges straight backward and then fires three arrows in a 45 degree cone using his bow. It's difficult to see this one coming, since Muneshige will typically dodge several times before his next attack after a combo. Remembering to circle is probably the best way to avoid being hit, as so long as you don't dodge straight into his arrows they generally won't hit you if you're moving left or right. 
Regular attacks Muneshige uses regular attacks on top of his listed skillset.
Second Phase
Lightning Jump Slash Muneshige jumps up and brings his electrified blade down in a double-overhead slam, one after the other. Best way to counter it is to dodge to the side and back when he attacks.
Tempest If Muneshige breaks your guard, he can use the Tempest sword skill to force you to the ground while dealing heavy damage.


Yokai Lore & History



Notes & Trivia

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Fake Tachibana Glare Front Fake Tachibana Promotional Archery Front Fake Tachibana Promotional Swordplay Front

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    • Anonymous

      This boss is what happens when the devs are too patriotic about their country. Samurai were never that good in prolonged fights anyway, the katana even the ones of best make were designed to kill in 3-5 well placed attacks but the swords were historically brittle and could chip easily. 7/10 Western devs try to be at least somewhat historically accurate with European or similarly influenced things but Japanese devs? Nah, our Samurai are battlefield gods that can take on half an army by themselves. Historically the samurai were actually some of the WORST fighters because they always aimed to kill swiftly with the fewest strikes possible meaning that if they went up against european knights they'd get owned hard.

      • Anonymous

        The problem with him is his high stamina on TOP of his stupid levels of hyper armor on 98% of everything he does.

        • Anonymous

          High stance and ONLY high stance with earth talisman or wind talisman onmyo. IF you can mange to proc the status effects for either of those he is easier. If you break his guard switch to low stance to try to get a proc faster.

          • Anonymous

            I´m just amazed this guide doesn´t mention yokai waterpots. These things literally make this fight impossible to lose.

            • Anonymous

              this is a budget genichiro prototype lol
              however it is extremely ez to kill with a spear - just high stance + strong attack when he is about to reach the higher corner of that stone in the arena running after you clockwise. 603 dmg per attack takes about 3 min to kill him and he didnt hit me a single time
              since it is my first time in nioh, i havent found any way to kill him by normal means, his dash attacks hit my lvl20 yellow grade heavy armor for 1850 dmg while i have only 1900

              • Anonymous

                Odachi in high stance, keep backing up and punish with two light attacks (use the high stance follow-up if you wanna be risky), just keep breaking that posture and riposting his ass.

                • Anonymous

                  well it took a lot of time for me to do this so here's some tips 1.the boss attacks are insanely strong and very hard to dodge no point in dueling him really 2.use ranged weapon to headshot him then dash and slam him and hit him again after he get's up u can do 30-50% of his hp to him doing this 3. i think the best weapon is AXE/HAMMER a high stance quick attack into strong attack combo can eat must of his Ki and knock him down 4.use the big stone to avoid his sheath and dogo attacks he can't get to u if u juke him around it u can also wait till the lightning buff of his weapon run out since he can 1 shot with it or u can cancel it with ninjutsu if ure quick enough just before he cast it best time to attack is after a sheath running attack 5. if his out of ki and ure faraway use ninjutsu to stun him don't get too close

                  • Anonymous

                    Took me two *****ing hours too take him in a straight duel using dual swords. Though by the first 15 minutes i could more or less consistently get him to his 3rd phase. His dash attacks have a certain distance, so if you are on the move and far enough not only do his dash attacks miss but it gives you an opportunity to step in and hit him twice ( same for all his attacks, even the lightning doggo). if i had the majority of ki id ram on him till his finished and i got a final blow on him. 3rd phase though is where the scripting changes. He stops getting staggered for*****, the sure fire way is to counter his dash attacks ala phase 1. If you get greedy and try to hit him during his other attacks and get the timing wrong you will get punished and die. The only really annoying thing i found in this fight was that even with his ki depleted he kept rolling and then as soon as i was in a postion to hit him i got an arrow to the face (the biggest cause of my defeat most of the time) and in phase three that is dangerous if you're low on ki. So the easiest way is to maintain mid range distance and keep moving in circles around himand when he does his sheath attacks,if you have enough space to back up into you're golden. Though you have to have the requiste skill to pull this of and its not a high win rate strategy because it requires a lot of focus.

                    • Anonymous

                      Am I the only one who feels like human (e.g. non-demon) bosses cheat with their stamina to some extent? It is not so noticeable for the most part, but the bossfight with him is pure cancer because of this, it is very prevalent. When I or a normal enemy runs out of stamina and the red bar begins flashing, it means 2 things: they cannot pull off complex moves and one more attack and they are stunned, AND that one more hit taken and they surely will be stunned. This works for all enemies, except him. When his stamina bar is flashing red he either gets in a super-slicey-combo without problem AND without staggering afterwards (which at least would have made the fight more tolerable, if cheesy), or when I hit him (no matter the weapon, tonfa, spear, etc, same effect in his case) while his stamina bar is flashing, he simply does not get staggered. For a time, I thought my weapons did f*ck-all ki damage, but the tonfas are one of the best in that regard. Also, the last straw for me was when his bar was flashing red and I hit him with a full 3-hit-combo from my tonfas (going in a lil' daring, knowing that this'll stagger him), and after I finished the combo (all 3 hits connected, he was not blocking) he just shrugged and attacked me straight up and I died on the spot. I'm all for the feeling and the backstory of this fight: dueling with a legendary samurai, I get it, he SHOULD be super OP (I don't have problems with his tons of DPS, fast attacks, lots of 1-hit-kill attacks, and so on), but at least he should abide by the same laws that every enemy and the player plays by. I love Nioh's feeling and bosses, but this one just gives me pure AIDS, solely because of the fact that he does not give a rat's arse about the rules.

                      • Anonymous

                        I have tested amrita and gold drop by fighting him without any equipment that will increase amrita or gold earned from the boss. (The spirit stone slumbers) amrita earned : 4680 Gold earned : 256 \\ (an invitation from the warrior of the west) Amrita earned : 5370 Gold earned : 657 \\ Sorry I did not reach the last one yet \\ This is just a guessing, may be the amrita and gold earned increase or decrease depends on how many times you encounter the boss

                        • Anonymous

                          I just used the pillars in the first fight, and the big rock in the second fight, baiting him to walk around them, and battōjutsu his ass to death. Kind of cheap, but it's simple, and you can keep covered from his damn bow

                          • Anonymous

                            Throw some kunai or shuriken! When he is almost tired, he will be defensive and try to recover ki. If you cannot catch him, you can gun him down with a shuriken or kunai spam. You can knock him down. Very handy since he hits so hard in the submission. Using 14 , 7 kunai and 7 shuriken, I got to save 3 almost missed ground execution chances. Also, tip for ground execution, dont spam triangle. If you are doing a normal att instead, you have to stop the combo, then try again or that's all you will do. I lost some chances thanks to this.

                            • Anonymous

                              You can use the same strategy in both Main and Sub Missions. Equip a Kusarigama and in High Stance use only the Strong Attack while kiting him around the pillar / stone. In the sub mission you also have to either wait or bait his attacks and then very quickly interrupt or counterattack them with the Kusarigama High Stance Strong Attack. This attack has excellent range so it will sometimes catch him even when he is almost out of range. Best attacks to use this strategy are his blade dance, jump and "Sword Clock" attack, you can interrupt the last attack at least. This strategy will eventually kill him, although you have to keep in mind it's extremely cheesy so you will eventually have to learn to play the game as there are many bosses where this kind of "Object Cheese" is not possible.

                              • Anonymous

                                You have to hit our boss 100000000000000000 times but he can kill you in 1 shot look how elite and skillful our game is guess you have to git gud

                                • Anonymous

                                  Holy crap that guy is pure cancer in the sub mission! Had him 6 times at like 5% hp but then he always oneshotted me with one of his *****ing dashcombos ...and this *****ing electric puppy oh my god...the 7th time i had him really low he killed me again and i raged so hard that i broke me right hand from punshing my table...10/10 best game i`'ve ever played!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I beat this guy fair and square, spear poke and keep distance, this boss has a tendency to rush you if your stamina bar too low. Hard af btw. Spear in my best buddy since Souls into this game.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Frist fight was quite easy. The second fight on the secondary mission is harder, but if you go to the left side of the battleground, there is a big rock. Try to mantain the rock between you and the boss to avoid dash attacks, the arrows and the dog, and attack after he makes a combo or his ki is low.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        this boss is such a cheese with all his one shot dash attacks. There are times he can simply hyperarmor through your attacks even when you attack him during his opening. Really broken imo.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          There is a sub mission where you have to fight him and honda at the same time with no shrines for co-op. The rock to the left of the map helps to deal with him but it's a cheap way to beat him. His charge attack goes to wast if you circle around the rock.

                                          • Easy strategy for beating him in the sub-mission "An invitation from the warrior of the west". Killed him several times yesterday using this strategy, after getting owned by him every single time. His attacks and combos actually uses up a lot of Ki. Problem is that he regenerate it to damn fast. The lifeseal talisman is the remedy for this. Personally I also used the guardian spirit talisman and Daiba-washi as the guardian (3 uses of guardian talisman, and each use will knock him on his a** giving you a perfect opportunity to deal a final blow while he's down). Start the fight by shooting him the head with whatever ranged weapon you have. Do this out of range to not trigger combat. He will fall to the ground and you will get one easy final blow when he is down. Dodge back and cast lifeseal talisman on him and dodge his attacks. He will run out of Ki FAST. Hit him to stun him, but do not grapple. I use a high stance square attack to knock him to the ground, to follow up with a final blow and get in like 1-2 more attacks before dodging back. To make the fight even easier you can use the guardian talisman and Daiba-Washi to knock him to the ground and final blow him. Farmed the entire WoTW set with the stats I wanted using this strategy.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I beat him the first time. Keep a pillar in between him and you and when his Ki gets low start attacking and he'll go down with ease.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I made a video demonstrating strafing around the rock to tire him out. Quite easy once you get the method down.


                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Update: I beat him. Oh my geez. I am so happy and beaten down. Thanks for the tips, but I just ran around him using Raikiri and strafing around the rock. Patience is key.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Frustrated trying to fight him. Feels like he has infinite stamina sometimes.. but I can keep going. Just frustrated. Read the tips, thank you for showing a strategy. He is just frustrating.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      A previous commenter mentioned a similar strategy, but I thought I'd elaborate upon it. If you are having trouble fighting Tachibana normally, then the best bet for winning is probably the following. I found any kusarigama in high stance works best with this strategy. Run over to the rock on the left side of the arena and Tachibana will follow you. Kite him around the rock until he is on the opposite side of the rock from you (meaning the rock is in between you and him), follow this by baiting him to one side (this will usually be done by running briefly to one end of the rock), once you see him commit to the direction you baited then position yourself such that you will be at the corner of the rock opposite to the one in which he is coming from. As you see him round the corner use the heavy attack on the kusarigama. Run to a safe place around the rock and allow him to perform the attack he wants. Rinse and repeat until he is dead. The one downfall to this strategy is that it is very slow. You must be patient in order for this to work as the core of this strategy is to land a single hit then run away.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        My take on him was to try and bait his i-ai attacks and then roll out and attack with high stances. The use for high stances was due to middle stance not interupting his attacks,the ones that can be interrupted, plus the second and third hit of the chain are good to catch him when he tries to roll. If he didn't do a i-ai strike I would wait until his combo finished to start my combos.His most problematic part was when he summoned his guardian spirit because there is a chance that the dog can get a second swing and hit you while you aren't expecting it,the problem being that the dog gives a status ailment that messes up with your movements,sometimes not letting you dodge when you want.When his stamina got to zero I would do a light attack for him to fall then do a light attack followed by a heavt by a light one,I found that it gives more damage than impaling against human enemies. Finally I used water talismans coupled with guardian seals,the latter was because if it hits him when he isn't doing his uninterruptible attacks it would knock him down,allowing for a backstab,while the first was to combine with my guardian spirit at the time,the shark,so I could give him some status ailments which also boosted my damage.I was just around the recommended lv for the mission,so I would say he's a fair boss,but that may be due to me having onmyo skills at the time.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          There is a very easy way to cheese him. Use the rock to avoid all his bull*****, bait him, and once open drain his stamina quickly and grapple him. This works beautifully with axe and heaven and earth. Yokai water pots can also help.

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