General Info
HP Amrita Location
?? 19,002 Falling Snow
Weak Resistant Immune
Fire Water/Pois/Para N/A

Yuki-Onna is a Boss in Nioh.

Pronounced YOU-key Oh-na. Yokai women enveloped in a haze of icy cold air. Also treated as incarnations of snow. Yuki-onna is a well known presence in snowy regions; some legends hold that a woman who dies an unatural death during a snowstorm will return as a yuki-onna. Her breath is so powerfully cold that it freezes on contact, and cases of one breath freezing an entire home to death are not unknown.

The Yuki-Onna of Honnoji Temple is Princess Noh, resurrected in yokai form by Kelley's dark magic. Her grief over the death of her beloved husband, Oda Nobunaga, froze the city of Kyoto. It is said if one with the power to control ice and snow is armed with a naginata, they might stand a chance against her.

Princess Noh is her common name, taken from her hometown in Mino province (modern-day Gifu prefecture). Her real name is Kicho, Nobunaga loved her noble and fierce personality. They were a happy couple, but perished together in the flames of Honnoji Temple.


The Yuki-Onna is a snow-white yokai, with ageless skin and a chilling breath. Cold as ice, she survives on the life force of her victims who she attacks with refined precision and elegance. She is the source of the Ice Butterflies in the area.



Possible Drops

  • Foreigner's Armor (M): Kote
  • Ikkoku Nagayoshi Spear
  • Foreigner's Armor (M): Do
  • Chuin Apparel: Kyahan
  • Onmyo Mage's Hunting Gear: Joi
  • Nokizaru Kusarigama


Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • Can it be parried? Can be stunlocked when out of Ki. Can not be critically hit when out of Ki.
  • Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?
  • Blinding Shells are effective against this boss (Will temporarily blind her so her attacks may miss).
  • Paralysis weapon buffs seem to slow this boss down  (i.e. Paralysis Hemlock Broth)



Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee)

Ranged is a good strategy against her, specifically Rifles and Bows. She is rather low health and will go down faster than other bosses. If you attempt to take her down up close it will be a much more difficult battle. In close quarters, dodge to the side when she tosses projectiles and dodge away when she casts her AoE ice and then dash towards her to land some hits. Taking a punishing strategy works well for melee. Keep your distance until she throws her weapon, then run in and get 1-2 hits in. Quickly dodge away after doing this to avoid her AoE. She will sometimes walk towards you to attack. Dodge past her to avoid being hit, then punish her for this. As before, always dodge away after attacking to avoid being punished yourself.

When her health drops below 50% she will become much more aggressive and ranged is a good option in this case. When she is in her second phase, keeping your distance is crucial. You can interrupt her ranged ice-spike attacks with a quick bow shot. She will charge up a quick and devestating dashing attack during this phase. Dodge to the side to avoid being hit by this. If you are far enough away, she will end the attack before getting to you, offering you a chance to get a few hits in. 

As usual, keep your Guardian Spirit conserved until these final phases.



Strategy 2 (Magic)

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.


Yuki-Onna Twilight Strategy

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.


Yuki-Onna has two attack phases. In the first phase, she will use a ranged attack where she throws her weapon. She will also launch several ice-spikes at you if you are distant. In close quarters she will use several AoE attacks to keep you away. In the second Phase, she will use ice-spike attacks that use more spikes. She will also sometimes run up to you to attack you in melee. Her most damaging attack is a charge-up attack in which she will dart across the room towards you with a small blade.

First Phase
Spear Throw

She throws her spear at you hitting multiple times in a row dealing high ki damage if blocked. Best course of action is to dodge to the left or right.

Ice Stomp Stomps the ground causing an ice aoe. Get out of range and go back in to punish.
Spear Slashes She does a downwards slash with her weapon and follows it up with a horizontal slash to her right, stepping quite far forward and doing high ki damage if blocked. Dodge to her left immediately or after blocking the first slash.
Ice Breath She leans forward and exhales a cone of frost in front of her, doing Water damage. Sidestep to the either side.
Icicle Shot She summons several icicles above her head and shoots them at the player. Can be avoided by a timed dodge or dashing sideways when far away.
Second Phase
Lunging Stab She dispells her ice spear, revealing a shortsword at it's core, and lunges at the player across the room, doing an unblockable stab. Can be dodged sideways or backwards if far enough away.
Icicle Shot variations She summons icicles above her head and shoots them in several patterns: at the floor in a circle around herself, at the floor in front of herself, in several volleys at the player. Can be avoided by moving a bit away and being ready to dodge the normal icicle shot if she goes for it instead.
Combo In second phase, she will often will combo the Spear Slashes into Ice Stomp.
Combo In second phase, she will often do a Lunging Stab after either a Spear Throw or Icicle Shot. Watch out for it and be ready to dodge.
Combo In second phase, she can combo the first attack of Spear Slashes into Ice Breath. Can be evaded the same way as the second attack of Spear Slashes.


Yokai Lore & History

雪女: Yuki Onna - "Snow Woman". These Yokai of Japanese Folklore are beautiful, ice-cold creatures of eternal youth and cruel serenity. With long, flowing black hair and piercing violet eyes, they inhabit the mountains in the winter season. They feed on humans by eating their life force through an icy kiss that will freeze their victims. In traditional stories, Yuki-Onna have been blamed for luring men the wrong way during a storm to freeze them, and bringing snowstorms with them. They have also fallen in love with their intended victims, and in some case married them. In other stories, they have taken refuge and shared evenings with families during the winter, never causing harm.

To understand more about the period of history please see our Lore page. This Yuki-Onna is possibly an incarnation of Nohime, Oda Nobunaga's wife. Known in history as a woman of smarts only matched by her beauty, she had no children and is said to have been barren. Their marriage was political and Oda Nobunaga's descendants were all from concubines. In reality, it is unknown whether she perished at Honnoji temple when Oda Nobunaga died, and a prevalent story is that the woman found at the temple with Nobunaga's remains was just a prostitute. Theories that she was a spy for her father, and was trained in swords so she may assassinate Nobunaga, and her power in court declined sharply after the death of her father.

It is speculated that she may have escaped Honnoji and fled to Azuchi Castle alongside other Oda women under the assumed name of "Lady Azuchi", only to later be killed by assassins from the Akechi clan.


Notes & Trivia

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  • Similarities to other titles
  • Bugs and glitches associated to this boss





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    • Anonymous

      Njnjutsu bombs and poison. I didn't need to hit her cuz honestly I don't have time for this s*it. Try hards devs, you're not and won't be FS, doing retard unbalanced stuff isn't raising the bar.

      • Anonymous

        She's not the boss. Her arena is. You can kill her pretty easily if you don't fight recklessly, but it's so ****ing hard to dodge when there's hundreds of small elements on the ground. Want to run away? Want to dodge? Nope! You'll get stuck and die! I died like 7 times because of William being stuck in place when I wanted to dodge an attack, and since her attacks are strong she'll one shot you almost every time

        • Anonymous

          I literally just did this fight just now. I used nothing but odachi. When she's summoning the ice spikes, just sprint left or right while locked on. They'll fly by without hitting. Play with Low Stance because dodging is super quick and easy. Bait out her attacks and dodge as necessary. Hit her while she's still finishing attack animations after an attack misses. Only hit 1-3 times depending on your weapon speed.

          Contrary to the guide and some comments here, Arrows did nothing, so don't rely on those. They can chip at her Ki well enough, but you can just do the above and not worry about it. She'll kill out your Guardian Spirit buff really quick if you let her, but even if you've used it, just dodge the attack coming and then spam attacks on her. If you have enough damage output, she'll die before she can get another attack out as your Guardian Buff ends.

          • Anonymous

            Could've been one of the best bosses in the game, but ended up in a trash, being one of the worst. It's a shame that devs don't know the word "balance".

            • Anonymous

              In my opinion the worst boss. Terribly boring and infuriating. I came back to the game after one or two years and I was stuck in this level. This boss was just hit, run, hit, run, hit, run in endless repetition which bored the mind out of me and made me want to just be done with it. Her random charge attack which she randomly just does feels dumb and getting hit by it lacks weight, not telegraphed enough and the punishment is too easy. What a lackluster, empty and expressionless boss.

              • Anonymous

                This boss fight is one of the most fun and well coordinated if you let it be so. I accidentally found EZ mode with blind shells. She just misses every attack and you can spam at her. Without ninjitsu it’s a fun boss though

                • Anonymous

                  two big things -block ice shards thrown at you -during second phase keep a longer distance from her once she does her charge finisher get in one or two shots then get way back again , after that shes rather easy i did this without ranged or spirit power ..

                  • Anonymous

                    She has devastating attacks and may one shot you with her ice missles( sprint away, don't roll, because the last one will get you once the iframes go out, she won't use them all at once). You want to play it safe at hit her once or twice, back up, because her speed and aoe is good. Let her attack, and when she tires, (her stamina recovers really slowly, she will run out of juice after a bunch of attacks) that's when you get her. Best time to living weapon is when her stamina is out and you hit her, causing her to stop and cast a spell to recover her stamina. You can stagger her and you can do critical damage with a Living weapon. There are plenty of chances to spam her with various ranged attacks, as sometimes she will slowly walk to you instead of sprinting, esp if she intends to melee. You can unleash a guardian spirit or a bunch of kunai. be wary of how fast she recovers from attacks. Her combos are small, but the window you get to hit her, after she does her two or three hit is small. You may get tagged again if your combo is large.

                    • Anonymous

                      this is the hardest boss for me so far. her 5 shot triple ice barrage always gets me even when i dodge the first 2 shots. the rest of her attacks are really ez for me after trying to beat her for about 3 hours but she always kills me with her barrage in the second phase.

                      • Anonymous

                        Is this meant to be a hard boss? I beat her first try with a few headshots and then used my Kunai with chain (Kusarigama) to just destroy her, I'm not trying to brag I'm really asking here

                        • Anonymous

                          You don't need ranged weapons. And in second phase just stay as far away as possible and as soon as she rushes and missis you run up and slash twice then back as far away again rinse and repeat. And don't forget to block those stupid ice projectiles they get me every time

                          • Anonymous

                            Though I haven't beaten her yet, she's easily one of the coolest bosses. For a cheesy strategy, use the guardian spirit talisman Kato. Dodge when she throws her weapon then run in and use the talisman to stack fire on her. Then run away and let it run it's course.

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