A Meeting on the Other Shore is a Mission in Nioh

I sense a monstrous snarl of Ki energy around Honnoji Temple... The people living nearby have yet to be harmed, but will you go there and investigate? This power... surely it cannot be ...? Sir Anjin, be on your guard.



General Information

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  • Region: Omi
  • Giver: Tenki
  • Recommended Levels: 141 to 170
  • Bosses: Yuki-Onna, Oda Nobanunga
  • Rewards: ??
  • Gold: 15820
  • Amrita: 15340
  • Shrines: None
  • Clearing this area opens: Return of the Gourd
  • Must unlock ?? for multiplayer


A Meeting on the Other Shore Map


NPCs in the area

  • Oda Nobunanga


  • Yuki Onna
  • Oda Nobunanga



  • Elixir



  • ?


  • Tatenashi Set
  • Demon King Set
  • ?

Smithing Materials

  • (Uncomfirmed) Tatenashi smithing text
  • N/A

Keys & Other

  • N/A


  • n/a

Lore Notes:

  1. The Yuki Onna is the spirit of Oda's Wife
  2. Since the Yuki-Onna is Oda Wife, she will stick around and speak to you before the mission completes if you defeat Oda First, unlike other Yokai that will be usually banished.
  3. Example lore note


  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

A Meeting on the Other Shore Walkthrough


This is a boss battle mission. This time your up against Oda Nobunanga and a powered up Yuki Onna making it quite a tough battle. Generally it is easy top focus on Oda first, as the Yuki has a annoying near unavoidable dash attack in its 2nd phase that will make things stressful if Oda is still around.

Oda Head shot Cheese Strategy

surprisingly, Oda can be head shot like other humanoid enemies, causing him to flop to the floor, allowing for an easy critical.
The key to the strategy is finding such an opening where neither Oda or Yuki Onna will harass you when taking your shot, easier said than done. Sloth Talismans make this a lot easier.

Be aware that this will not work at all once Oda enters Living Weapon which he will do quite often in succession. Like yourself and other characters, Oda will gain hyper armor when in Living Weapon effectively making him immune to critical attacks. He also likes to chain his Living weapon one after another in succession making this strategy rather trouble some to pull off. It is important to hit him before he enters Living Weapon.
Fortunately compared to Ishida Mitsunari, his Living Weapon time is relatively short and you can time you chances between them.

(please add you strategy here)

A Meeting on the Other Shore Map


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.


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    • Anonymous

      This is a fight that I genuinely will never see the end of. Fighting 2 bosses at once, especially one of the worst bosses in game, is not "hard" or souls-like. This is the one time I actually felt the game was unfair.

      • Anonymous

        Very tough fight, though a little easier than the one against Tadakatsu/Muneshige, in my opinion. Go after Nobunaga first, he's much more agile and can deal more damage too. Yuki-Onna also has an annoying attack that she starts using around half-health, in which she dashes after you to do a thrusting attack with her weapon; it's a very fast attack that's hard to dodge if you also have Nobunaga to worry about. Once you're alone with her, it's not that hard anymore.

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