Greater Demon Hunting is a Mission in Nioh

Outstanding! I am the one called Sakata Kintoki. I am dead now, but in life I was renowned as a demon slayer. Of late, the demons in the okai Realm are restless. I was just considering silencing that one by force when you appeared. A samurai from a foreign land, slaying Japanese demons - what would my lord Yorimitsu think? Here, Take my Katana, consider it a token of thanks for the entertainment. Let us meet again another time.



General Information

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Greater Demon Hunting Walkthrough

This is essentially a boss rehash with higher stats and an NPC companion. The boss arena is the same as in all other Yokai Underworld missions, so use the uneven terrain to keep your distance when healing is necessary.

The boss in this mission is Onryoki, but don't get cocky just because he was the 1st boss of the game. The health and damage of this iteration has been incerased dramatically, making this a fight of endurance. Even when meeting level requirements and wearing the highest tier armor available, the demon's attacks can knock off up to 80% of your health, so don't get greedy and try not to get caught in a combo. During one attempt, Onryoki managed to deplete all of William's health when doing a bellyflop onto Sakata and having its giant foot graze William's face.

Unlike previous versions of Onryoki in the game so far, this one doesn't have the balls and chains or the 1st phase moveset at all, so you will be dealing with the 2nd phase moveset throughout the entire fight. 

The NPC accompanying you during this fight is Sakata Kintoki, an axe wielding samurai who dwells within the underworld after supposedly dying a long time ago. He will only join the fight after you knock off at least 10% of Onryoki's health and is genuinely helpful considering how much damage he can do (500 - 700 on average). However, like most NPC companions, he tends to go down easily and you'll need to revive him fairly often. He is fairly aggressive and rarely spends time blocking so Onryoki will try to kill him as quickly as possible. If you want to try and make this fight easier, use poison when you can since this boss is weak to it.   


Sub Missions
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    • Anonymous

      Actually the worst mission in this game. No point in elixirs or even armor because the boss one shots you no matter what. You spend 10 minutes baiting out attacks hitting once and backing up (hope you don't back up into a random ****ing tree or something because you will just die from this shitty arena) then the npc spawns and goes down in a couple hits and then while you are reviving him the boss will kill you. Absolutely unfun and unfair. At least Tachibana Muneshige doesn't kill you in one hit.

      • Anonymous

        This boss really illustrates why dipping into omyo magic is essential. Weakness talismans massively increase the damage you and your bro do. This fight isn't too hard moveset wise, but you'll probably get one shot and the weakness talismans make it much quicker to get through.

        I imagine with steel + devigorate talismans he wouldn't one shot you anymore, but bursting him down is just as valid of a technique. Didn't try it, though.

        • Anonymous

          While it looks scary because it can deal a whopping amount of damage, its actually not that difficult. Just stick really close beneath him, and you find that its very unlikely for it to hit you. You can keep comboing and only stay away if you need to. Its not advisable to attack at mid range because its the worst thing you can do (Onryoki's hitbox tend to expand further than what you might assume)

          • Anonymous

            This has been one of the hardest bosses for me and not for good reasons, he just has a simple melee move-set in which basically any hit can one-shot you (I'll admit going as lvl 63 wasn't my best idea though). What worked for me is:

            1.- First of all, cast several elemental amulets and some talismans, anything but fire will do fine.

            2.- Wait until he starts an attack, roll through his legs, land a couple of hits and quickly dodge away from him to avoid his backhand attack one-shot you. A mid-stance spear works well, as it has good range and does a decent amount of damage without consuming much ki. You can land more hits after dodging his belly flop.

            3.- When you've taken about 15% of his HP, Kintoki will come to aid you and fight him in close range. Use this chance to hit him from the distance with the amulets and ranged attacks such as the hand cannon and rifle (Onryoki has too many HP, so arrows are sorta useless). Keep a considerable distance between you and their fight, as Kintoki will most likely go down many times and some other times Onryoki will just feel like targetting you instead and you wanna have time to react and dodge. When Kintoki goes down, just fight Onryoki carefully - following the same initial strategy - and wait until you get enough time to assist him, then resume the ranged attacks.

            4.- When his HP drop below 20%, use your guardian spirit and charge to finish him off, but if you see it was not enough, drop back and keep the safe strategy before your amrita gauge is empty, as Onryoki could just one-shot you with a backhand at close range. I recommend you to use Fuse-Ushi on this one.

            I believe the key against him is patience and not getting greedy.

            • Anonymous

              The NPC companion is mostly useless and a pain in the butt for BOTH the boss and the player as it makes the boss crazy and hard to predict. As I'm Lightweight with average armor, this boss 1-hit me which mean I got to win this match with 0 damage received. When the AI companion comes in, the boss tend to switch toward the last one which attack him, but also skip some frames from his attack animations when he switch target making some of his quick attack instant-death. This only happen when the boss switch target.

              To easily win this match, leave the NPC alone and let him get downed. If you're lucky, he might have dealt a bit of damage prior to being brought down. Otherwise, leave him be and focus on hit & runs on the boss. Do NOT revive the NPC as not only does the boss attack fast enough to hit you just half a sec before being able to roll/evade (after the revive animation), but he might, again, glitch his attack animation and instantly turn toward you even if you dodge.

              • Anonymous

                If you use heavy armor, you'll hardly benefit from the defense as he will still smack you around easily, but you still have that extra blocking poise and that can save you from certain death. Otherwise, just hug his sides and back off when he bellyflops then close in +punish. Do that for quite a while and remember to revive your NPC buddy

                • Anonymous

                  Just wait him telegraph any movement and roll trought him by the right, 2 or 3 hits (I was using Katana Mid Stance), wait him get up and repeat.

                  • Anonymous

                    NPC helper shows up around 80% . You can't afford to get hit if you have less than about 2K HP. And you can't afford to let his smack smack belly flop combo hit you - he launches the belly flop out of ki depletion too. That WILL one shot you, unless you are a super high body spear user with good armor.

                    • Completed this mission around level 72 or so. Build was Full Nioh (heavy) armor, with a strong level 70 axe. Boss was still hitting me for roughly 1500-1800 damage per swing, and would fully deplete my Ki if I blocked. However, when you deal a certain amount of damage (not sure on how much was not paying that close of attention as I was running around trying not to get hit), an NPC (Kaido) will show up to help you. This is incredibly helpful as he will tank the hits from the boss for you, while you beat the boss down. Kaido will get downed, happened about 3-4 times while I was fighting, but you can just walk over to him and pick him back up.

                      Like other Yokai, you can destroy the Onryoki's horns to stagger him and deal a lot of damage. This was possibly the 2nd most difficult boss I have yet to face, and I've currently completed 10 of the main story missions. The most difficult being Hino-Enma, beating her down with an axe was quite difficult as she hits so fast (and being lower level when first face her).

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