The Champion of the East is a Sub Mission in Nioh. 

"My mind was clouded by the workings of the one they call Kelley, but I still recall the joy of trading blows with you in our duel. My blood cries for a rematch. Let us duel once more, you and I, to see which of us is the stronger. Things will not go as they did before! I will hold nothing back this time." - Honda Tadakatsu

 This sub mission is a one on one fight with Honda. Player receives Shin-Roku via spirit division upon his defeat.



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The Champion of the East Walkthrough


The player spawns facing a non-hostile Honda Tadakatsu in his original boss fight area with no shrines available. When the player approaches, he quickly goes hostile and goes on the offensive.

After defeating Honda, he will go down on a knee, allowing the player to speak him. This will trigger a cutscene followed by awarding the player Shin-Roku via spirit division.

The Champion of the East Map




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