Marobashi is a Sub Mission in Nioh.


 General Information

 Lore Notes:

  1. Marobashi or marubashi is a philosophical concept derived from Japanese martial arts, especially kendo. The term can meaning to be "without form" in some contexts, or to follow "the way of nature, freedom and energy in life", and can denotes a state of Zen enlightenment.
  2. References to marobashi are found in kendo texts from various periods. In particular, the reference to "marobashi-no-michi" (bridge round like a boulder) or "being without form" originates from within the text "The Sword & The Mind", a collection of various texts covering the extended warring periods of the mid fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries of feudal Japan.
  3. Marobashi is not exclusive to the swordsman, however. In its most benign form, marobashi can be found almost every aspect of life, and indeed, permeates all things, according to the masters of their day. The concept, by its very definition, is just beyond the grasping of everything, a state to aspire towards when yet already a part of. This is marobashi in its purest form.

"We hear you have emerged the victor against fearsome masters of various fighting techniques. Well, let us test the veracity of such claims." - Yagyu Sekishusai



Marobashi Walkthrough


After defeating the Dojo Missions Zen and Sword are One and Steel Across Steel  which are unlocked by defeating the Dojo Mission The Way of the Warrior: Veteran and having reached proeficiency of 500000 with the Sword and Spear, a mission called The Two Masters will appear in the Tokai Region, upon completion, Marobashi will unlock.

This is a Boss Rush, unlike the Dual Bosses Missions in which you face two bosses at the same time, in Marobashi you'll have to fight against the Dojo Missions Masters, one after the other. A good advantage here is that every attack from every boss can be blocked, parried or timely dodged.


First Boss: Marume Nagayoshi

Marume is a standard enemy, he doesn't have much in terms of skills as he uses only a sword, and in between his chained attacks nearly depletes his own Ki. Just bait his attacks, and use High Stance to deplete his Ki and grab him for massive damage.


Second Boss: Ashikaga Yoshiteru

Ashikaga is a Dual Sword user and the fastest boss of this mission, although he also depletes his Ki very quickly, you can block or dodge his attacks and when his Ki is about 40% start the offensive to deal some damage and rinse and repeat or go full on out to do a grab and deal more damage. That should deal with him quickly.


Third Boss: Hozoin Inei

Hozoin master of the Spear is probably the most annoying boss of this mission, his long reach and quick thrust attack make him a good opponent, besides he runs from you when his Ki is low. If you're a Spear user, use his strategy against him, bait his attack and counterattack in Mid or Low Stance. If you fancy other weapons, just try and stay aggressive to deplete his Ki or learn how to parry his moves.


Fourth Boss: Sakata Kintoki

Kintoki uses an Axe, therefore is slow but deals heavy damage. You can block his attacks, but the Ki cost is very high leaving you in a compromised position, your best bet is dodge his attack and stand in his back to attack.


Fifth Boss: Shisenin Kosen

Shisenin and his Kusarigama are the most versatile boss in this mission, has close, mid and long range attacks. But you can block or dodge freely unless you're cornered, as with the other bosses bait his attack and get close in Low Stance to deal some damage and make a quick getaway.


Sixth Boss: Yagyu Sekishusai

The man of the sword himself, Sekishusai is an adept swordsman and a quick attacker, but a good way to deal damage, is to dodge his combo then attack him from the back. Or learn how to parry his moves, once you get how he moves, is very easy.



Dojo Map





Speed Run Walkthrough


Since this is a Boss fight, the speed run depends on how skilled you are, or how much damage you can inflict in a short time. I find the Spear Skill Chidori, quite useful, since you deal damage and get a free grab for more damage at the end of the combo. And it's even better when you can put an ailment status like Scorched (Fire), Saturated (Water) or Muddied (Earth).



"We have been defeated... and bow down to you. Your skill matches that of the master swordsman Lord Nobutsuna. No one in this age can hope to compare to your ability." - Yagyu Sekishusai



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