Water is a Status Effect in Nioh.


Water Information

  • Significantly reduces physical Defense; effect weakens over time


Items That Inflict Water

  • Water Amulet

  • Moment Talisman
    (With Water Spirit)

  • Guardian Spirit Talisman
    (With Water Spirit)

  • Onmyo Magic
    Water Talisman, Watershot Talisman


Enemies/Bosses Weak To Water

  • Nurikabe

  • Sentries

  • Gasha-Dokuro

  • Yamata-No-Orochi


Guardian Spirits

  • Isonade

  • Mizuchi

  • Usura-Hicho

  • Genbu

  • Saoirse

Tips & Notes

  • Water is generally considered a counter to Earth as most Earth-based enemies have high defense. It is excellent for long battles against enemies with a high HP pool

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