A True Ninja is a Mission in Nioh.

" I hear you've learned all sorts of ninja techniques from Lord Hanzo. If you want to know more, I'd be happy to teach you, William. Just one thing - You have to beat me in a fight first. This won't be like it was in Edo castle. Prepare yourself."


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A True Ninja Walkthrough

You begin the mission adjacent to Okatsu, where she awaits you on the other side of the arena. Your only items are: 3x Elixir, 4x Poison Shuriken, 2x Makibishi Ball, 2x Blinding Shell, 2x Gallnut Broth, 3x Power Pill, 3x Groundfire, 1x Quick-change Scroll, and a Himorogi Fragment. There are no shrines in this mission, and the only way to exit is to use your Himorogi Fragment or to defeat Okatsu.


A True Ninja Map


Speed Run Walkthrough

Bait her Iai attack and counter it with a Haze II, immediatly followed by your own Iai and using your Finishing move while she is down. Repeat until she is dead.


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