Quick Change

Jutsu Cost
Ninja Skill Points Cost
Skill Type
Smoke Ball I

Quick Change is a Ninja Skill in Nioh

A ninjutsu ability unlockable after clearing the mission "The Way of the Ninja: Novice" but only after purchasing the Smoke Ball I ninjutsu. This ninjutsu costs 4 ninja points to purchase, and costs 6 Jutsu to equip.

Quick Change Description

  • Allows you to ready 1 Quick-Change Scrolls. Allows you to survive temporarily even if your health goes down to zero.



Quick Change Effect

  • When scroll is used, removes one Quick-Change scroll from inventory and grants the Quick-Change buff for three minutes and fifteen seconds. While buff is active, if your health reaches zero your character will have their normal death animation, but no guardian spirit grave will be created and after the animation is finished your body will poof into smoke and your character will poof back into existence a couple feet in the air above the place of death with approximately 30% health restored. Buff becomes inactive after use.



  • Particularly quick enemies, like ninja, can hit you just as you land after getting poofed into the air before you are able to recover and dodge away resulting in death anyway.
  • With how long the buff lasts, it can be of great use in boss fights to get a second chance after what would have been a death. Especially if paired with weapon buffs that raise attack but lower defense.
  • The scroll takes a few seconds to use where you're vulnerable, so using it while being attacked is not recommended.
  • The buff image for the Quick Change scroll features a log hit with two shuriken, referencing the effect of similar jutsu in anime featuring ninja like Naruto.
  • Quick Change scrolls will not protect you from recurrent damage deaths. If you are poisoned or lit on fire, William will die if his health reaches 0 from that effect.
  • Quick Change scrolls can be very buggy and will not activate properly sometimes. The best way to avoid any bugs is to space out your usage of scrolls. When you get killed under the effects of a scroll, wait 5-10 seconds before activating another.  






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