None - Adept - Veteran
Ninja Skill Point Cost
1 - 2 - 3
Skill Type
Jutsu Cost
3 - 2 - 1

Shuriken is an Ninja Skill in Nioh


Shuriken Description

  • Lets you ready 7 shuriken. Shuriken are basic throwing weapons for ninja.



Shuriken Command

  • Needs to be set as a shortcut




  • Shuriken and kunai can be used effectively in the Hino-enma fight to knock her out of the air when she starts flying.
  • Shuriken and kunai usually don't do very much damage, but they can be very helpful for knocking an enemy low on ki into a ki regeneration state, allowing for a grapple attack.
  • Shuriken and kunai can be used for interrupting an enemy's attack.
  • This skill gives the player seven shuriken, and the additional skills allow for the making of 14 and 21 shuriken.





    • Anonymous

      18 Feb 2019 21:51  

      i hate to say but thrown weapon build out damages all melee builds in the game with iga set, my current kunai build is dealing 26k damage without weakness talisman on way of the demon, while my lvl 17+ +12 kusarikama is doing 600 low stance 800 mid stance and 1.2k high stance, sure i die in few hits but i can kill 9 tails in less than 7 seconds

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