Shuriken I

Jutsu Cost
Ninja Skill Points Cost
Skill Type

Shuriken I is a Ninja Skill in Nioh


Shuriken I Description

  • Lets you ready 7 shuriken. Shuriken are basic throwing weapons for a ninja.



Shuriken I Command

  • N/A




  • Will stack if selected multiple from "ready jutsu"
    (So if you have Shuriken I, you can throw 7. But if you have Shurikens I and Shurikens II, you can throw 14)

  • Can be used on flying enemies to reduce Ki quickly 
    (Video coming soon)

  • Can be uesd to interrupt a human enemy player channeling an Onmyo spell or an attack (sometimes)
    (Video coming soon)

  • Stagger Oni-bi (make it so they drop down on the ground)
    (Video coming soon)

  • Deal bonus damage when doing a sneak attack (Dont need to be close)
    (Video coming soon)

  • When used on a human enemy player that have no Ki left (red Ki bar) will turn him into an exhausted state.(use triangle to grab)
    (Video coming soon)

  • Can break off parts when used against certain non-player enemies.





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