Paralysis Omamori Charm

Paralysis Omamori

Weight 0.1
Requirements Magic 1
Spirit 1 

Paralysis Omamori Charm is an Accessory in Nioh.


Paralysis Omamori Charm Information


Possible Status Effects

  • Vs. Paralysis +13-19
  • Item Drop Rate +3.4%
  • Change to Defense (Spirit) B-
  • Elemental Attack Damage +5.4%


Location/Where to Find

  • Dropped as Random Loot. 
  • Found at the location Deep in the Shadows (Level 12). The item is found before the boss Hino-Enma in a chest, specifically at the bottom-most area prior to the boss room. The corridor entrance is near the One-Eyed Oni (cyclops) enemies. There is a dweller that will ambush from behind the chest upon opening it. 
  • Sometimes sold by Senji Tome as a special item. 


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    • Anonymous

      Got this the first time I killed Hino-enma. I assumed it was 100% because of the paralysis mechanic in her fight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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