Conversion Rate

Umbracite is a Smithing Material in Nioh


Umbracite Description


"Used for tempering equipment. When fed into a furnace, this umbracite produces flames laced with Amrita, and is used by smiths who harness Amrita to forge equipment.

This special charcoal forms when a tree is exposed to Amrita."


Umbracite's Usage

  • Umbracite is used to Temper weapons at the Blacksmith. This is done by going to the Reforge screen, and pressing Y instead of A (Triangle on PS4) -  bringing you to the Tempering menu.
  • There are 4 different rarities of Umbracite: Regular, Quality, Fabled and Divine. Each provides additional skill choices when tempering equipment. Using normal Umbracite grants 3 choices, then 6, 8 and 10 choices respectively as higher rarities of umbracite are used. When tempering equipment, skills often appear at their highest possible value, maxing umbracite usage extremely valuable when making specialised gear. 


Location/Where to Find

  • Found by Visiting other players, and helping them complete their mission. 
  • Drops commonly in the Abyss. 
  • Reward for completing Twilight Missions. The rarity of the drop depends on the difficulty. WotSam grants Regular Umbracite x1; WotStrong grants Quality x1; WotD grants Fabled x1 and WotW grants Divine x1 - WotN grants Divine x2. 




  • Conversion rate is 3:1 across all rarities - meaning players will need 27 Regular Umbracite to create 1 Divine Umbracite. 



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