Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness OFF
Resistances Earth
Immune Poison
Special Drop ??

Nurikabe is an Enemy in Nioh.


Nurikabe Description

"The yokai known as Nurikabe (noo-ree-kah-beh) take the form of a giant living wall. They are said to most enjoy simply standing where no wall should be and enjoying the unease and confusion of travelers. If left alone, they will not move, but if harassed they extend long arms to strike back in rage. Slow-moving but with immense strength and stamina, Nurikabe are formidable foes."

"Nurikabe often block the way to valuable items or alternative routes to destinations, although whether they do so knowingly or not is unclear. Once a Nurikabe is angered, there is no alternative but to defeat it, but it is said that the right gestures can charm them into a more amiable attitude."


Combat Information

  • If you use a gesture that matches the color of the Nurikabe's eyes, the door will open peacefully. The game teaches you this in the third main Quest after the first boss of the Area. There are no negative consequences for the peaceful variant, as the door will still leave loot. (Unconfirmed and testing has proven this to be false so far, requires further testing.)
  • In the mission "The Ocean Roars Again" and "The Spirit Stone Slumbers" you can take the long way around them, and take the tag off the Nurikabe's back. This functions the same as killing or gesturing at it, making it dissappear and drop loot
  • Easily taken down with a few arrows or bullets, provided you can either dodge or hide from their ranged, high damage rock projectiles. Ranged attacks also provide a temporary stun effect, followed up by a retaliatory melee attack.
  • Area Attacks?
  • Ninjutsu tips
  • Ki tips


Notes & Trivia

  • ぬりかべ: Nurikabe - A yokai from Japanese folklore that appears at night as a wall to mislead traveleres. It will expand itself to cover any direction until the subject is completely lost.


Nurikabe Locations & Drops

Kinki Region

Location HP KI Drops
Side Mission: The Disappearing Ranjatai ?? ?? Open side path to treasure

Kyushu Region

Location HP KI Drops

Main Mission: Deep in the Shadows X2

Main Mission: The Spirit Stone Slumbers

?? ??

Open side path to treasure

Shortcut to hotsprings, can be bypassed

Chugoku Region

Location HP KI Drops

Side Mission: The Three Angry Gods

Main Mission: The Ocean Roars Again

?? ??

Opens the way to Kodama

Shortcut to Bonfire, can be bypassed



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    • Anonymous

      18 Feb 2017 11:19  

      It seems that the colour of the eyes indicate the type of gesture NOT to use as it always gets angry for me, instead I can eliminate that type of gesture and if ur lucky view a tombstone to find out the other gestures not to use, seems to work so far

      • Anonymous

        14 Feb 2017 07:30  

        If you get behind it some how, you can remove the tag from its back and rice it to disappear. (I have not successfully gotten behind him mid combat)

        • Anonymous

          14 Feb 2017 07:18  

          If you anger it, the eyes are the weak points. If you can poke it, all of its ki is lost and you can deal some damage. How you hit the eyes is up to you...

          • Anonymous

            10 Feb 2017 00:11  

            If you look at the Graves of dead ppl by it, it will say "killed by nurakabe for friendly behavior" or "killed by nurakabe by hostile behavior" so I run up and do an emote that is the opposite of what killed others and it always dissolves

            • Anonymous

              09 Feb 2017 13:12  

              I haven't 100% figured out what to do yet, but for me this has worked so far:

              The door looks at me angry, I bow.

              2 things can happen:

              1) He opens the way.
              2) He gets angrier (red glow)

              I then use a yellow gesture, usually 'Oh No!'

              So far this has worked. Very vague still, but I think if we all work together to read the exact expressions of the wall we can crack the code.

              • 09 Feb 2017 12:16  

                I used Bow as an "opener", but the thing got angrier. I was able to do a second emote and for some reason decided to use Whistle... And that worked, the "door" dissolved into thin air and dropped some loot as a farewell gift.
                Tried to use different gestures on 3 more doors, but every time they became hostile. So I'd assume you should start with a Bow.

                • Anonymous

                  09 Feb 2017 09:48  

                  I bowed to one and it got mad at me and I did not attack it and then bow. It's either they are picky at which gesture they want or they hate you if you kill one.

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