Flying Bolt

Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness OFF
Resistances OFF
Immune ??
Special Drop ??

Flying Bolt is an Enemy in Nioh.


Flying Bolt Description

"Flying Bolt is a female yokai with a long bolt of cotton cloth wrapped around her. As the white cloth resembles a funereal shroud, she is thought to be the demonic transformation of a resentful soul whose funeral service did not send her to the next world. Her respectably blackened teeth suggest that she was married and of high station of life."

"Flying Bolt floats in the air and attacks with her cloth as if it were a blade. The Japanese name is Ittan-momen. "Momen" means cotton, while "ittan" is a measure of length in the world of Japanese clothing: just enough fabric to make an adult kimono. But no matter how much of Ittan-momen's bolt of cloth is cut away, she never runs out, indicating that the cloth itself is not of this world."


Combat Information

  • Blocking is mostly effective except for the one unblockable grab that is telegraphed by a black and white cloud.
  • While having no AoE attacks, if hit, these attacks can slow you down dramatically. 
  • Ninjutsu tips
  • While having no known weaknesses, it is still susceptible to confusion and ki damage. Drain its ki and it will go down, leaving it open for a final blow.

Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - 一反木綿 kunyomi - いったんもめん
  • While considered a yokai in game, in Japanese folklore, it would be considered a tsukumogami, a tool that acquired a spirit living in them after many years.
  • Literally translates to "one tan" or roughly 28.8cm by 10m of cotton. Based off the Ittan-momen of Japanese folklore. This yokai was originally depicted as a narrow sheet of cloth that strangles or smothers humans. Unlike most tsukumogami, this one is generally vicious and will attack humans without reserve.


Flying Bolt Locations & Drops


Location HP KI Drops
Kinki  Region / The Ogress ?? ??



Location HP KI Drops
Chugoku Region / The Conspirators - aboard ship closest to starting shrine ?? ??



Location HP KI Drops
Region / Mission ?? ??




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    • Anonymous

      23 Mar 2021 23:23  

      Yeah, she one of them yokai that you won't mind banging.
      To be honest, she doesn't look rotten, mostly like the decompose process have not begin yet, so the weather is just cold.

      • Anonymous

        07 May 2020 11:48  

        Something tells me that a flying carpet(or just a bolt of cloth) wouldn't be as...titillating and memorable as this depiction is, what with all those legs and butts and tits. I don't know what came over me to say that. (It is a very pleasing sight to spy upon with Catwalking + Suppa though)

        • Anonymous

          12 Dec 2019 17:26  

          Headshot with Hayama arrow then run in to execute, follow up with a little bit of low stance quick hits and should be dead.

          • Anonymous

            15 Nov 2019 03:26  

            My game somehow becomes slow af whenever I encounter those. It's literally unplayable, even with Living Weapons I can't defeat those.

            • Anonymous

              11 Mar 2018 23:37  

              I sincerely want whoever thought a Raven Tengu and Flying Bolt dual encounter was a good idea demoted. Ridiculous.

              • Anonymous

                02 Aug 2017 05:23  

                You can use quick attacks e.g. Low stance dual katana, to stun lock her, so she will not be able to do anything.

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