Lesser Umi-bozu

Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Fire
Resistances Water
Immune ??
Special Drop ??

Lesser Umi-bozu is an Enemy in Nioh.

Lesser Umi-bozu Description

"Ko-umi-bozi, literally "small umi-bozu," are the resentful souls of samurai who died fighting at sea. They are said to lurk in the waves and ambush passing vessels, making them feared by fishermen, but also reportedly come up onto the shore at times."

"Their bodies are made of jelli-like water, and despite their weapons they attack only weakly. The faintly shining sphere at their core is said to be their vulnerable point, and there are legends of fishermen who successfully drove off attacking Ko-umi-bozu by harpooning this sphere when it happened to be exposed at the right time."

Combat Information

  • Walk up to it, block its melee attack, swing once to hit its then exposed core, walk up to it again, repeat
  • Resistant to physical damage but weak to elemental damage, especially fire. Fire shot can one-shot them in NG
  • Is resistant to water and deals water damage (which can pierce your guard).
  • Salt is a good tool for bypassing their resistance to physical damage. Get in close and throw some salt on it to knock it into a critical state, then execute it with a final blow before it recovers.
  • Enemy sense is recommended. They can hide in the ceiling, or in the sea


  • Shoot sword : spits a sword, ranged attack that can be blocked
  • Melee attack : charges forward, aftwards it shrinks and exposes its core, receiving more damage

Notes & Trivia

  • 小海坊主(こうみぼず): Koumibozu - Lore description.

Lesser Umi-bozu Locations & Drops


Location HP KI Drops
Chugoku Region / "The Ocean Roars Again" ?? ??



Location HP KI Drops
Itsukushima ?? ??



Location HP KI Drops
Region / Mission ?? ??




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    • Anonymous

      If their ki is low, use ground execute to finish them.keep beating it to down it. Highstance is good for this. It's a rather tanky enemy. Prepare some extra talismans to deal w them quickly. Guardian spirit; weapon buff...etc Switch some kunai for fire bombs.

      • Anonymous

        Block or dodge when they melee attack you then instantly attack them. Repeat 2 or 3 times and they are dead.. If their ki is depleted switch to low stance and make sure you hit them cause if you don't they will explode dealing a respectable amount of damage. Their ranged attack is a joke.

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