Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Fire
Resistances Earth
Immune ??
Special Drop

Royal Dung Ball

Dung Ball

Mudman is an Enemy in Nioh.


Mudman Description

"A yokai made of filthy mud, born of the anger and resentment of someone who got bogged down in the mud and drowned in a rice paddy or swamp. Mudman are said to lurk in damp or muddy places, waiting to attack passers-by, but in the rainy season have been known to prowl villages and mountains in search of victims.

Because Mudmen are mad of reeking, putrid mud, weapons have little effect on them. At times the weak light from the core that shines within their body spills out, looking like one of its eyes. It is known to use the rocks and metal junk in the mud making up their bodies as projectile weapons when on the offense."



Combat Information

  • Blocking and dodging are both effective. In fact, this is encouraged as after a close range attack, it will reveal its weak core. If hit with a fire-imbued weapon, it goes down in 1-2 hits.
  • Nigh identical to the Lesser Umi-bozu. Shoots swords and mudballs as projectiles.
  • Getting hit causes the "muddied" status effect which makes William vomit when using an Elixir.
  • Weak to Fire, but resistant to Water.


Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.


Mudman Locations & Drops


Location HP KI Drops
Tokai Region/ The Defiled Castle ?? ??



Location HP KI Drops
Tokai Region / The Rising Shadows ?? ??



Location HP KI Drops
Region / Mission ?? ??




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    • Anonymous

      First encountered in the sewers during the "Immortal Flame" mission. Their moveset and animations are the same as the Ko-Umi-Bozu, but their attacks inflict a debuff that weakens your healing and makes you stagger whenever you use an Elixir. They drop Noble Dung Balls, which can be thrown at humanoid enemies or players to inflict the same debuff. Basically, it's like Lloyd's Talismans from Dark Souls.

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