Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness OFF
Resistances Water
Immune ??
Special Drop Namahage Horns

Namahage is an Enemy in Nioh. Introduced with DLC Dragon of the North.


Enemy Description

"Pronounced "nah—mah hah—gei." As yokai that appear in legends from the Oga peninsula in northern Dewa province, the namahage are viewed as savage servants of the gods. It is said they don straw masks and, with a large knife or hatchet in hand, visit houses in the neighbourhood searching for those guilty of laziness or bad behaviour. As such, threats of the namahage coming are often used to scare children into good behaviour.

The namahage serving the Date empathize with Shigezane, who gave up his humanity in service of Masamune. Although they were also once human, the power of the spirit stones has distorted the namahage's appearance into its demon—like form. It is believed that this transformation came about due to their tendency to scare people for good causes. Since the namahage are considered to be servants of the gods, many enemy troops lose the will to fight at the mere sight of them.

Despite having different names, the yokai known as nagomehagi, amamehagi, appossha, suneka, toshidon, and many other names throughout the country are thought to be the same as the namahage, and are concentrated along the coast of the Sea of Japan. They all share a common demon—like appearance and seek out those who are lazy or evil. They are also all considered to be servants of the gods, or even gods themselves."


Combat Information

  • Blocking is a risky strategy. The Namahage's attacks are fast and drain your Ki quickly.
  • The Namahage functions like a powerful DLC Yoki, but has its own moveset and improved range.
  • Like the Yoki, hitting a Namahage on its head will break its horns, draining it of all its Ki.
  • Makabishi (caltrops) are great for slowing down the Namahage.


Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.


Namahage Locations & Drops

  • Namahage horn
  • Iron chunk


Location HP KI Drops
Region / Mission ?? ??



Location HP KI Drops
Region / Mission ?? ??



Location HP KI Drops
Region / Mission ?? ??




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    • Anonymous

      These guys come in three variations (dual cleavers, left-handed cleaver, right-handed cleaver) and have a huge moveset.


      These are written assuming he's wielding the cleaver in his left hand (your right side). These moves are the same on right-handed Namahage too, just mirrored.

      Slash - Swings his cleaver to your left. Can be followed up by a right swing followed by another left swing. They can also end it with this next move.
      Overhead Chop - Raises his cleaver and slams it down. Does an enormous amount of Ki damage; seemingly auto-staggers. However, this move has a slow wind-up. It deals less Ki/HP damage if it's used as a combo-ender from Slash, but should still be dodged. Knocks you down if it connects.
      Pounce - Slams down his cleaver while pouncing towards you. Knocks you down if it connects.
      Whirlwind - Spins in a circle, hitting a total of 3 times. Each hit can knock you down and send you flying backwards. This move is much faster and hits 5 times total if the Namahage is under 50% HP. Can end his Slash combo at under 50% HP, or if it has been staggered during the fight.
      Retreating Slash - Close range slash while shuffling backwards a few steps. If under 50% HP/previously staggered, it staggers slowly backwards while swinging up to 4 times. If above 50% HP, can be followed by Pounce.
      Roar - Exhales a cone of frost that drains your Ki and deals minor damage. Used when they summon a Yokai Realm portal to regain Ki.
      Grab - Raises his free hand glowing with Yokai smoke, then swings it overhead towards the player. If successful, it will lift you up, impale you on it's cleaver, then rip the cleaver back out, doing roughly 1800 damage on NG and 2300 on NG+.


      Has the same moveset as the previous one (including the grab, despite not having a free hand), but altered animations to account for their two weapons. Has a few new moves too.

      Scissor Slash - Swings both his cleavers towards eachother like a pair of scissors.
      Pouncing Scissor Slash - Same as ^, but he leaps towards you at the same time.
      X-Slash - Raises his cleavers and swings them in an X shape. Can follow up with Pounce or Overhead Chop.
      Scuttle - Can be used after any move that lands his cleavers in the ground in front of him. Uses his cleavers like limbs and scurries at you, rapidly dealing damage (250 on NG, 323 NG+) and ending it with a double downward stab. Left very vulnerable if this move misses and you're close enough.

      Hope this helps :)

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