Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness OFF
Resistances Fire
(Depends on the color)
Immune ??
Special Drop ??

Onyudo is an Enemy in Nioh.


Onyudo Description

"O-nyudo (oh-NYOO-doh) are yokai that take the form of a gigantic monk and are said to be former novices who were unable to fully leave the lay world behind and broke the vows of their temple. They appear to collect the skulls of the people they kill, hanging them from their robes like a string of prayer beads. Those who do not wish to join that collection would do well to avoid this yokai."

"O-nyudo have inordinately long tongues imbued with the element of fire, water, wind, lightning, or earth. They can use their tongues to strike the unsuspecting from a surprisingly long distance. They do not use any other weapons, but their ability to launch savage attacks with balls of flesh drawn from their gigantic bodies is more than dangerous enough."


Combat Information

  • Attempting to rush behind them is recommended, though you must be prepared to dodge their spinning tongue attack when they use it.
  • Blocking effective? Yes blocking is effective. However be aware as blocking the attacks takes a large amount of ki away due to consecutive hits.
  • Area Attacks?
  • Ninjutsu tips
  • If you're not saving consumables/jutsus for a boss, these may be the best enemies to spend them on due to their strength.
  • Sloth talismans can be used to make their attacks more managable, allowing large combos in between their swings.
  • Depending on its color (resistance), confusion makes quick work of onyudo. Stack two elemental effects to instantly drain ki. Its rush move can also be used to drain ki. If you are near a wall and dodge before you're hit, it will collide with the wall and instantly lose ki.
  • Their tongue and hand color determine their element, which affects resistances and elemental damage on hit
  • The head seems to be their bullseye, but hiting it does not stun them, atleast with a low break bow


  • Forward tongue attack : like the high strong kusarigama, a long-ranged attack with narrow hitbox, can be used twice in succession. Sidestepping is recommended, but blocking works at the expense of ki
  • Tongue swipe attack : long-ranged ( strong spear or a bit ore in terms of range ) , horizontal attack. You can dodge through it ( please confirm )
  • Tongue grab : animation is smilar to tongue swipe, but slower, and with the characteristic white-black particle glow of grabs. Hit-box is also similar to the tongue swipe, and, as a grab, it cannot be blocked
  • Sumo stomp : rare, done when out of ki, generates realm polution and recovers ki
  • Punches
  • Forward charge : charges forward , for quite a long range, deals high ki damage. If the enemy hits a wall he becomes stunned

Notes & Trivia

  • 大入道: Ōnyūdō - Taking the appearance of large buddhist monks, these yokai of Japanese folklore are otherwise not associated with Buddhism. These creatures are said to be mostly harmful to humans and to love hunting people and destroying villages. Some may rarely be helpful at times, and others may simply be shapeshifting of different Yokai.


Onyudo Locations & Drops


Location HP KI Drops
Region / Mission ?? ??



Location HP KI Drops
Region / Mission ?? ??



Location HP KI Drops
Region / Mission ?? ??




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    • Anonymous

      23 Feb 2017 02:32  

      Awesome enemy design. They have two moves to look out for that are really dangerous and almost impossible to predict. One is a body-charge that drains all your stamina, can't be blocked, and does over 1000 damage. If they miss and hit a wall, they'll usually be staggered. The second is a flurry of several punches while advancing forward; this move is basically a guaranteed kill if even one punch hits you, because you'll be stunlocked by it...even if you block. Other than these two rare moves, they're not very difficult.

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