Nami-oyogi Kanemitsu
Heart Change B+ Strength Change C
Skill Change C Familiarity -
Break 57 Parry 34

Nami-oyogi Kanemitsu is a Sword Weapon in Nioh.

Nami-oyogi Kanemitsu Description

"Forged by Kanemitsu in the Osafune style in Bizen province. Once owned by the Toyotomi family, now in
the possession of Tachibana Muneshige. It was given to him by Toyotomi Hideyoshi himself, in praise of Muneshige
earning the title Warrior of the West. Legend has it that when Muneshige cut an assassin with it, the assassin fled across
a river and fell in two as he climbed back aground. The blade was so sharp he didnt even realize that he had been cut
in half. After, the blade was named Nami-oyogi: the Wave-swimmer."

Special Effects

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