Hikoemon Ichimonji

Heart Change B+ Strength Change C
Skill Change C Attack Multiplier 593
Break 58 Parry 35

Hikoemon Ichimonji is a Weapon in Nioh.


Hikoemon Ichimonji Description

"A katana forged in the Fukuoka-Ichimonji style by swordsmiths from Bizen Province. The character for the number one ("ichi") is inscribed on the blade to signify its origin. This sword's quality is on a par with those of the Osafuna school, also from Bizen. It is named for the alias of its owner Torii Mototada, confidant and close ally to Tokugawa Ieyasu, whom he had known since he was a boy, with the two sharing many experiences together, both good and bad. Mototada fought against the Takeda clan in battles at Mikatagahara and Nagashino, saw combat against the Sanada clan in the Battle of Ueda, and once saved Ieyasu from certain doom in the Siege of Odawara after joining the Toyotomi as a vassal."


Possible Status Effects


Location/Where to Find



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Hikoemon Ichimonji Upgrade Table

Weapon Level Attack Multiplier by Quality
  White Yellow Blue Purple Green
Level 1 ??        
Level 2 ??        
Level 3 ??        
Level 4 ??        
Level 5 ??        





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